Thursday, January 20, 2011

Goodness me it is Brrrrrrr COLD!

The day was by far no ordinary "WINDsday" as Pooh may have said to Christopher Robbins and Piglet. Last night was one of those windy blustery day that spit snow around with a little bit of accumulation! With our first snow we failed to measure more than twice. Our last official measuring was 7, 3/4 " but we had a friend who used their tape measure to calculate over 10" in our area. Then our area got 5-6" more last night.

It was beginning around 2:15 or so for our area and it glimmered, shimmered and shined like sequins being set to embellish a fancy quilt. The cars spun their tires as if suspended in air on a tire machine for some, and made others slide. The girls where thrilled to have their fourth snow day in a weeks time line. I have enjoyed the brr cold because I was able to see the girls in a new light of unity. Em and I were able to share a few fun moments together and then go pick out some really cool fun nonsensical smiles with (believe it or NOT) some girl time SHOPPING!

Kent on the far left in gray suit coat and Emily is the cutie smile little one growing fond of memory making

I know, I know for those who know my no nonsense shopping mentality it may come as a shock but it was a time to celebrate one other persons excitement of making a DREAM come true. We were able to be a part of her Grand Opening RIBBON cutting then off toward the SOUTH to go absolutely crazy with a BAG and wallet!

So here is to the new term of "Goodness me it is Brrrrrrr COLD!" and having a moment to share in a memory of FUN!


kelseylynae said...

Brent always says, "It is BRRR cold" instead of just, "It is cold."

I now think I've solved where he got this from :)

Look for our new year's letter in the mail soon.

Ana-Lou said...

;-) I guess I don't know where it started really. For all I know I could have learned it from them. I guess it goes to show we are ALL influenced by those whom we are around. Like reading your blog created me to "write" even though it is not my strength (for public eyes to read) in any way shape or form. It has also created a desire to LOVE READING even MORE than ever.

We will be looking for it. We didn't get ours out either due to Mom K going "Home" and My mom going under major Brain surgery one month later.