Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Brookdale Club Zumba- Mustangs Game May 28 2011

True blessings

The fun captured on camera
after discovering I forgot my camera
and not taking any photos
before this:

But then I did remember and caught these:
Laughter and Fun filled times
Pick up and Corn hole then . . . .
Love Zach aka Captain America!
The Corn Hole Tourney Championship game

Spencer and Brittney awaiting to play for 1st.

Kay tries to toss as Alizabeth tries to divert.
Then laughter as Kami poses on the other end
for the desired play off point to win

Brittney, John (green), Kent and Zach

Kameron with Spencer

Yeah let's go

Alizabeth and Kay!

a new day to walk

Today is a new day. For that I am grateful. Still working through the moments. Praising the Lord that there is sunshine after the storm. The Birds sing, the flowers bloom. The wind blows.
I'll continue to lean and remain quiet. Praying for restoration. Healing. To follow and turn from the hour to find joy in the midst of the day, and hold His hand to know He is still here.

Sincerely - dependant

Monday, May 30, 2011

speechless with sorrow

How is it one can love to the point that it hurts so deeply? Through many years of personal experience it is true; hurt people - hurt people. Maybe because when one truly loves another, it is where the tongue can be so powerful whether unintentionally or not; their true feelings are exposed. Maybe even at other moments there come times of bottled up pain towards someone and it is displayed - the result, shocking. Today has been one of those days. Shock, sorrow, unending tears of disbelief and grieving that I have experience more than I would care to in my short life. I have never claimed to be perfect but I have exposed myself vulnerable by my expressed journey, revealing my shortcomings through my transparency of personal learning's and today it all has come crashing down on me for sharing what I am learning in you my own life. What are they, these lessons have brought an incredible strike to the heart.

Lessons through transparency that I'm learning I expose by pen or typed blogging; then sharing it in writing- because that is where the Lord is leading me and s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g me at the present moment and time. On this electronic thing called blogging (whether here or on another technology source) recently has brought much sorrow and pain. Gosh, it cuts much deeper than any knife could strike a death blow.

Have you ever in your life had a very serious injury to discover you were bleeding profusely, maybe to death (figuratively speaking)? Well that is my heart right now. BLEEDING PROFUSELY through some serious words received. I've been praying, praying and praying for sincerely sought guidance. My lessons entrenched with severe pain at the moment. Moment of anguish. Moment of shock. Moment of desired peace. Revelation of things not even known how the individual really felt, dully noted after being made clearly known - has left this heart breaking from revealed sources of bottled up pasts. oh my, thrice before has this type came passing through and each time battle wounds engaged in the most severe way. The hurt wanting to stop, of a desire to mend. With time - maybe the misunderstanding will be amended. But unknown as to when, I am momentarily praying for the metaphorical bleeding to stop flowing from the death blown strike that has pierced my heart very seriously.

All I can do is depend on the Savior to regain my strength. This fourth blow to the heart; crucially serious and in need for healing. Today has left me in deep anguish emotionally, physically, spiritually - why? Because one is hurting and the reception of that hurt has landed here upon my heart with very serious allegations. But I will continue to still love because i do care even though the allegation have expressed otherwise, even though it has been expressed that I do not - i do.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

From his penned hand

The Equipper - May 15 article:

" "And I thank Christ Jesus our Lord who has enabled me, because He counted me faithful, putting me into the ministry." II Timothy 1:12

On Thursday, May 12, I celebrated 20 years of full-time Christian service. Like Paul, I do thank Christ Jesus my Lord. I praise Him today, giving Him all the Glory! Without His grace, strength and patience, it would have never happened - at least as long as it has. God has shown His grace by calling a shy, 17 year - old junior from Wyoming to proclaim His good news. I have to say, it's been quite a ride. I never even imagined what God was going to do in my life. he has truly done more than i could think or imagine. I remember packing up a Ryder truck and traveling from Norfolk, NC to Lansing, KS. My younger brother John dropped me off in Kansas and he headed south to Arkansas - to begin his first ministry. Ana would join me a week later and the adventure began. We were in Lansing, KS for nearly 8 years . . . .. I share this story in hopes that you'll celebrate with me. Also, to let you know that You've been a major part of . . . my ministry. I'm proud to be your pastor and I'm looking forward to many fruitful years to come. Thank-you for your prayers, encouragement, support, generosity and love you've shown to my family and me. I am thankful to Jesus for putting me into the ministry and bringing me to RCC. - - - Blessings, Pastor Kent" "

From One Mama to another Mama

Thank You J. S. for making this for our girls then forwarding it to me. It touches my heart to the core!

These are the things that make you smile . . . . They have been through A LOT and for it are stonger. These are our babies and one bond that became cemented!

Thanks Simalas! We do LOVE you!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The turn of a tide

So I am a plain and simpleton kind of a gal.

Although, I grew up a city girl, loved the Country girl heart yet enjoy the rush and thrill of adventure in the fast lane - You can't have your cake and eat it to. However, I loved the thought of a "cow girl" feel with my brown curly long locks blowin' in the breeze with the windows down or on a the back of a quarter horse at a full lope. Yes, I enjoy the wind in my face. Always have. Wheather in the city, on a country road, in a car, on a climb, horseback riding, running or just standing. I love the wind and it's breeze. I even enjoy the ocean and how things change.

The turn of a tide all came in today: M.I.T. ended with wonderful scripture prayed over all fourteen children and four sets of spouses to finalize the year; Teegie turned 17 - Yowsa!; A nice luncheon date, Then the surprise of making arrangements to be with family in Arizona! AMAZING, how suddenly a chain of events can change like the turn of a tide.

Family - so sweet but like everything else it can easily all turn then a change to the road and here we go.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Good Home Town Cookin'

Oh my goodness, "ummm, Ummmm, Good" isn't just a catchy phrased coined by Campbell's Soup and copy righted. It is what carries us back to a past history or others of us common folk, a memory that connects the pallet to the past.

From a very precious couple's home tonight. It is so sweet to sip on a cup of Joe and walk through the past on someone Else's adventure and find a warmth that begins to connect four individuals in a very real and sweet way.

Bill and Barb were that for us tonight. Oh how precious it is! Over the past few years this precious couple have touched our hearts in a very special way. We walked through the corridors of their past as if it all belonged to ourselves. But the savory meal made with Love were absolutely A MAZING to every taste bud! Little Grandma she did a fantastic job. It so made me want to reflect on my own past for a brief moment. So so sweet. I Loved that we could just talk and enjoy the time of the now. The grill fired up the sweet smells within, the fresh cut spinach salad from their garden and the light dressing and everything home made! Oh goodness it was succulent. However, the best part is the hearts that were open enough to real.
This couple has grown by leaps and bounds. Yet they were pillars even when we met them.

Their home felt very comfortable. The Good Home Town Cookin' had the same effect as "HOME" and the "Homes' " of many others that have been significant along our past twenty years plus in ministry. So for all that came to tonight - A Sincerely heart felt word seems so incapable to express our appreciation appropriately - THANK YOU!

Monday, May 16, 2011

wave of warmth

The sunset is upon me and makes me smile with the wonder of the creator of each and every one of the most beautiful sights I continually to be swept with a sea wave of warmth that indwells the depth of my soul.

The swell within is like a tide as it swallows every molecule of oxygen that my thoughts are captivated to a whirl of dizziness. The purples that swish, the pinks that swirl, the auburn's that churn yet they flow so smoothly to become almost lost in the dusk. There is an ahhhhhh. There is a held moment of breath and the slight temptation to stare into the sun yet the drive to NOT knowing it's potency of lost sight.

The sunset. The Joy. The glimpse. The closed eyes. The steady heartbeat that can at times be heard and almost seen. I LOVE the moment that quickly diminishes and ironically last for a long time.

Words . . .

‎"The right word at the right time is like a custom-

made piece of jewelry, And a wise friend's timely

reprimand is like a gold ring slipped on your finger."

Proverbs 25:11

Think about it!

Apply It!!


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Come to Jesus may be necessary, wouldn't you say?

I remember a time over ten years ago when Shirley Allen and i had a conversation that made me laugh and think at the same time. Then it led to contemplation here in my recent "present" life.

She had said a few things: "grumpy old ladies, were grumpy young ladies and little ladies." "Those who are no longer together but have moments of anger or frustration, still have feelings for them." "Those who lie about someone they DON'T know have some personal hurts and issues that they need to come to grip with." "When your children are little they step on your toes, and when they are older they step on your heart." She also just made me laugh and said to enjoy the moments because they fly by rather quickly. I don't know about you but I guard my heart from those who always talk sourly of others continually. Especially when they seem to try and turn people against another soul by puffing themselves to be "concerned." I also "let down my hair" here at home only. I DO have my very very somber quiet moments.
SO maybe it is best to gird ourselves with the armour of God. Maybe it is time for a "come to Jesus meeting" that is the necessary steps.

Recently, I also have come to realize when others just "believe" what others say negatively about someone - that is a sad travesty, especially when it is in "saint" circles. But also when someone treats another rudely right from the beginning; they have some insecurities that THEY need to over come, therefore, it's up to me to treat them even kinder, because of who lives IN ME. When other human beings are mean and gossipy - It's time for me to pray FOR THEM and to lay my life down FOR THEM like Jesus has shown me through his word and then has led me by example.

So it is sad to me that "new" people can ruin "Old relationships" because they have no root in the Lord, really. But that is okay, I will continue to make others uncomfortable when I walk hand in hand with Jesus Christ and he personally chisels away the old me, transforming me to be the image of him. It is my goal to live and die loving like Jesus Christ, even when they "slight" me for the cause of Christ and their desperate search becomes an obvious need for Him also.

"Love the Lord your God with ALL your heart, All your soul, ALL your mind, and ALL your strength." "Love your neighbor AS YOURSELF." "For greater LOVE has NO ONE than this, that he lay down his life for his friend." "LOVE YOUR ENEMIES!" Even though they treat you unjustly. I didn't say you have to be their best friend but Love them.

I have made many mistakes in my short life. And have been very protective with my heart and those I LOVE. I have become moved to no longer follow a recluse life but now I am challenged to be BOLD. So I will continue to be close to those that I am close to; Love like Jesus has led me to love, despite how others "perceive" me as a "threat" out of their believed doubts. Strive to walk along and have a pure and holy lifestyle that is real. Abba, Father God knows my heart strings. Those for the desire to possess TRUE Love, Concern, and to continue to grow in PRAYER POWERED COVERAGE! My choice is to Follow Jesus Christ and LOVE! If an agape LOVE lived life makes one uncomfortable than I suggest an open heart spiritual surgery and that you follow JESUS CHRIST and not a mere human being, who very well may be wagging sly poison through falsehoods. Then FORGIVE the one you've known the longest and move to a restitution that edifies The living word of God.

Then for me - LIVE in Jesus Christ through the life I lead for a short time.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Where does one turn?

So many times I came to realize that life is really very short. So, Why do we let things bother us to the point that it is a "pet peeve" that annoys to the extreme that pushes us right over the edge of frustration?

Or why is it that people can be so "PEOPLE MEAN?" You know, talk bad about someone then want to be liked by others. Doesn't everyone WANT TO BE LOVED? REALLY!!! You know what is hardest for me? To live a life of "UNconditional?"- by Brian Zahnd The more I try the more it is revealed to me how much more it is necessary to bend. To even attempt to overcome my very core of selfishness, it is enlightened to me there is still yet a long road to tread. One day, just one, I would like to have a full day; (from the moment my eyes open to the moment they close to rest my head) without one negative thought and a heart filled with unconditional moments, and to speak positively the entire time. I know, I know I have a VERY long way to come and go to even "try" to get there but I am willing to strive towards that goal. Why? Because everyone has their druthers and or pet peeves, therefore, I must work on not "petting them."

Where does one turn? How about to my BESTEST FRIEND. You would really like my best friend. This friend is my one in a million friend. The funny thing that is amazing is that he is willing to meet you. I'd be glad to introduce you to him. I'll put on a cup of coffee, brew some tea, pour a glass of a cold drink for you to join us sometime. So come over - and My door will be open for the two of you to meet.

See Yesterday is now a part of my past that really was a 'present' to propel me to enjoy the yet to come moments that lead me closer to the end of my life. Kent took me away for the day to reflect on what has been our history together. One that has definitely left a huge impression on me in so many ways. There are things during this journey that definitely has been very difficult since the moment I had to choose what path I would walk for all of my life. "the one less traveled" in a strenuous, tedious labor that has left some bruises, cuts, scrapes and even some scars. However, it has brought me thru for the today. Most of the extraordinary events that have developed my character are those that left me with the question, "where does one turn?" and discover the very best friend I have had through my life. He (yes HE) has continually led me to experience many metamorphosis experiential transformations that have rendered me completely different for the remainder of my breaths to inhale and exhale.

So I ask You, "Where does one turn?" What are your roots; "Remember where you came from" for these are the moments that developed the who and why in me, YOU - all of us. NO ONE makes us choose the roads we choose, we do.


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Tibute to a Very Special Lady

Momisita, Marmie, Mom
but dearly and truly - MOMMY!

I remember the giggles, the laughter, the joy
All the memories to cherish.
I remember us always striving to develop.

I watched you teach me in some pretty rough roads in
your life; Raising me as a single parent and striving to improve
yourself. I remember the way you have High morals and ethics that
allowed you to promote to positions of authority
but mostly the greatest thing I now realize is how AWESOME you truly ARE!!!!

Mommy, Since the time you gave birth to me after a difficult 32 hours in hard labor I owe you my deepest gratitude. I can never express my deepest of appreciation to you in mere words. So when I can give more time I will attempt the feet. But until then please, please know that I DEARLY LOVE YOU Marmie! I TRULY DO!


Love Always your Favorite Daughter whom you named so significantly
- Ha our inside joke since I am your ONLY one. ;-)

Ana-Maria R. (T.) Klundt
Philippians 1:2-3