Sunday, March 20, 2011

excitement is in the air

Oh wow Ia m so very excited for what I have been waiting for a very long time!!!!

Laughter that returns

Isn't it amazing how much better we "feel" after laughing?
Than why don't we apply it more often?

Hadassah made Emmalee W. smile and return a wave just last week (3-10-11) and it was precious to see. Now not a week later she's not feeling so good but I so wanted to hear her laugh again. It made me reflect once again.

So many human beings "are so, so, so . . . . so ANGRY." (Enchanted) When we look around it is true. Angry, hard, well . . . enough of that talk. Let's be people who are different. Man oh man is it easy to allow that influence around you but we don't have to. We can choose to walk away. Yes, CHOOSE to walk away. Let the joy that really is in our heart come forth and LIVE! Be the one who sees the glass "half full" not the way most see it! Let's rejoice when others rejoice, be a shoulder in time of need and then let's take a serious look at the blessings that really are around us, for there are many! Truly there is.

Hadassah and I had a grand morning. First of all we didn't get to go to church because the Lord's creation is blooming and her little body is just not strong for some reason to take on all the new growth. Allergies, possibly. Two year molars, possibly. What ever the case. we laughed today. We giggled after her two year old reaction to stopping the water too soon. Then we cuddled until she drifted to sleep. Upon working through another two year reaction we giggled again letting her "JUMP ~ MOMMY ~ JUMP!~" on my bed. We opened the blinds allowed the sun to warm us and then we both jumped like Mexican Jumping Beans giggling and jumping. Of coarse she was ON the bed and I was on the floor. Then we giggled about the book we read together and then touching her tummy talking about "Horsieeeees, Mum, Mum, Mum, HORSES!!!" We loved the time together. We peeled and orange, and we even did dishes together. All with her not doing so well. She is so precious.

I loved hearing her giggle. Just loved it! May you can enjoy a day that seemed like it could be an "Eore, kind of day" but we made the best of being together and that is what life is all about. The Blessings and the laughter that gives great returns.

So make the Best of today, we don't know if we'll have another to live or not. Take the day and Cease the opportunity laying before us. I've made plenty of mistakes lately and quite frankly it is time to look heavenward and give Him all the glory!

So do you have Laughter that returns? GO have a good day and make your day be filled with a time to rejoice, for laughter is good medicine for the soul

God Gave Me Eyes

While reading to Hadassah this is what we came across while she chided with glee, "Reeeed mommyyyyyyy, please! Read, Mommy read it!" "READ IT, READ IT, PLEEEEESE READ it!" And here is what read:

"God gave me eyes
That I might see
The wonder of a blossoming tree;
My dolly's face,
My story book,
And how the various creatures look.

God gave me ears
That I may hear
The laugh of brooklets ringing clear,
My kitten's purr,
A violin,
And Mother when she calls me in.

God gave a tongue
That I might know
The flavor of all fruits that grow,
The taste of honey,
From the bee,
And good things mother cooks for me.

I thank you, God,
For making me
So that I hear and feel and see;
And since these good things
Come from You,
I'll use them as You want me to."
~ Olive Burt