Thursday, August 11, 2011

The weaving of life

Oi! Uh! Hola!

I miss this vocabulary! I so miss when time goes by so quickly and as one thinks about all the special individuals that have come into ones life the heart begins to see how wonderful people are! I agree that we all have our moments. I also agree that there are times that we just go absolutely crazy with our time. Whether we use it wisely or we waste it. We all have the same 24 hours; 7 days a week; 365 day in a year. We all desire to be Loved. Therefore shouldn't we Love back in return?

I ran into so many "past" relationships individuals this week it was amazing to not realize just how much we need to simply stop, take a breath and say "Hello" to those about us! Old, new, steady - make the moments of the now a sweet hello!

So to the individuals from Brazil - OI!!!!!!
To the Yanks in America - HI!
The loved ones in South America - HOLA!
To those from other locations I don't know the dialect - GREETINGS!

Grace and Peace to everyone of you! Know that Jesus Christ has an open invitation to have you be a part of the family! I am so glad that I have had YOU in my life, my tapestry and the loom that is allowing me to being weaved by the wonderful I AM - Thank You for how your touch is part of me. As Philippians express the words so wonderfully, I to am Thankful for you and how you've touched me.
To all of you - I just want to say "I Love YOU, from the bottom of My Liver!" - Ana