Friday, September 26, 2014

HR and the Dreams Unknown

In the eyes of a Child is the DREAMS that come from deep with in their soul.
Eye expectant, Laughter real, Oh to imagine once again like our sweet Princess DREAMS!
Eager with every moment of ANTICIPATION!
To look out into a WORLD of unknowns and to become gitty with the Joys of What CAN BE!
Her heart pounded.
Her feet ran as fast as possible to get her to "SEE" what is OUT THERE!
Her Joy, Wonder, Curiosity.

Go HR and Reach 
Your God Given DREAMS!
"Speak Lord, for your servant, HR to
hear you. SPEAK!"

 The Still SMALL VOICE that speaks so Loud to Her inmost being! 
Open her ears.
Open her eyes.
Open her Heart.
Guide her very soul!

Unto you,
Abba, Father, God.

I've watched the heart of this Princess!
Named according to the Name sake she truly is.

Just like the others:
Prayed since the day of her known conception.

Uniquely her own:
Prayed to accomplish All the Dreams that YHWH
has allowed her to fathom and fulfill her Calling!

The Possibilities.
The Unknown.
The Holy Spirit Lead.
The Savior's Redeemed.

HIS Priceless Bride!

Here she is Lord,
here she Is!  
Thank You for all that She is and Will Be.

Here is Princess HR!
May her DREAMS with YOU
 be so Enriched
may she
lead many to the Absolute Truth of 

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