Sunday, April 11, 2010


Thanks "TOMS" or should I say "Tomorrow" since that was the original naming intended. The Young man who started "TOMS" four years ago had a vision and now four years later inspired many to join him as a humanitarian! Way to GO!!!!
Well this mama of five girls took the plunge with the "baby" of our family. For only heaven knows if it could be me some day. See, it started out two nights before with a blister then on
the 8th of April it was beginning - very cold! Yes it was crazy because we had to have our drainage pipes cleaned out at home and I ended up stepping in it without realizing it! YIKES!!!

Then Hadassah and I stepped outside and the cement was still cold. we got a few pictures of that. I thought this is going to be FUN!
Later . . . when my wonderful husband called and said, "the car is ready to be picked up from the garage" I began to wonder about the realm of children, teens, adult, and seniors who don't get to "choose" to barefoot it for a day because it is a challenge. They go WITHOUT because they have to, stepping in things that are less than healthy. When we got to the garage (out in the country where there is large rocks to help the dirt road that just weeks ago was mud) it hit me, I stepped out of the car while Kent went to pay for it and it HURT! My very tender feet were challenged again, sending my mind racing!

Racing as to how I could take this a step further, by challenging some of the people I am around and proposing something. A DAY with out shoes to provide for those in our own "backyard". We are going to go barefoot, then we are going to give shoes to children who don't have them here in our community. It doesn't just take place in the "other side of the world" but here also. I am excited because where I am it would mean "Choring, farming, etc." without shoes. Let's see how it goes. I am scared with excitement to see what takes place. So "TOMS" - CEO THANK YOU for your Entrepreneur vision and for leading a charge for the global community - because this country living gal . . . desires to follow through in another small way in my community!

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