Saturday, February 18, 2012

Who? What? Bwahahahaha

Have you ever loved someone and thanked the Good Lord?
Have you ever heard . . .
6' 2" and Eyes of Blue?
Well they both are true
for me.
Yes the Love of my Life and I
have been through a lot.
I know that he is part of my Opus!

Out of our love
He has support a deep passion of mine
through many years:
The Love of work to "GO"
And responding,
"Speak Lord, for your servant is LISTENING."
and willing to be on Missions Outreaches.

Since 1989 - Present
Here we/I go again.

Dominican Republic
Anticipation arising.

RCC Dinner Theater:
The Real House Wives of Cricket County
Polly & Harold Hunter
(me and Rich)
Cricket County Husbands and (soon to be) "Fester"
(Rich, John, Danny, Gary & Terri)
The Northcutts with Cricket County Couples
Nine in this photo to GO - "Here Am I Send ME, Lord"
(Brad, Tatia, Wanda, Taylor, Sherri and Tammy {new to photos})
Truth Serum by accident
Sigmund Fraud . . . Knowed him on a personal level???
All five ladies will be "GOing" to DR July 2012
Mr. Wilks and Gram'ma Taylor!
Both going to DR
(Mike and Angela)

Friday, February 10, 2012

A zoo?

The four gals swaggered into the theater past "regular hours" had paid the high cost of inflation . . . $3.00! ;-) What was the featured selection? "We Bought a Zoo." Where a simple, thought provoking intention captive's the depths of my soul. So deeply that I propose to those reading this; Sometimes life does feel like "Why Not?" So how would you describe that same phrase?

. . . ."WHY NOT?"

Why not reach for the Stars? Why not step out and be adventurous? Why not sit still and hear the "still small voice of Yahweh? Why not have a moment to sip a good cup of Joe (or your fav) and ponder your DREAMS? Why not give a passionate KISS to the one that captivated your heart and be Faithful? Why not frolic through the rain or grass barefoot? Why not take photos of some of your favorite things/ People? Why Not doing something that you've always wondered "if you could . . . _____"? Why not pay it forward? Why not give until it hurts? Why not feed someone and give them a drink? Why not invite someone to hear the gospel? Why not be crazy for the the Lord? Why not hold someones hand? Why not let it go? Why not be a little more transparent? Why not make an adventure list? Why not DO THE LIST? Why not romance your spouse? Why not hug your child and mean it? Why not say, I LOVE YOU, I AM SORRY, I WAS WRONG? Why not give with out any tags to it?


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Once Upon a thought

All my days i never realized that life really is very precious. Heaven even more so. The way we live is a reflection of our true Essenes as a human being. I am just AMAZED at how many individuals "think" they are going to Heaven. Yet can not even think of being different. I still have the taste of Cambodia with in my blood. The girls I saw, the Girls I have been blessed to even be trusted enough to birth let alone raise, and the DREAMS I have (Filled with children).

Once Upon a thought, way before I knew that the Lord would call, I knew I wanted to "TRAVEL THE WORLD, some how serving!" As a humanitarian. In the Peace Corp. maybe. It has been in my dreams all my life!!!!! I remember my elementary buddies, Brent, Jimmy, Micheal, Tammy, Melissa, Kim and the Reeses and family members would sometimes reply that it would take money to do all the travel I had envisioned.

Once the Spirit tugged at my heart. I heard a "Still small voice" and that voice captivated every thought. Life. Once lived out for all eternity, by answering what I envisioned - Dreams. He has called me. I've answered. Now I will forever live out that commitment to my Lord, my Savior, The Lord Jesus Christ at all cost - !

Like Earl Beck used to say, "It's time to FISH or cut bait!!!" and the one I just recently heard and will forever remember also, "If you REACH for the STARS, you'll NEVER get a hand full of mud!!!" I so agree! All My life I have been stretching and DREAMING and stretched and I will CONTINUE to Reach for the Stars!!! Why? Because it all started "Once upon My THOUGHTS!"

"Speak Lord, for your servant IS LISTENING! Here am I, SEND ME!!!!!"
Your Daughter Forever - ARK

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Do you Remember?

Yes I remember her first Kick. Her First heard Heartbeat. Her first opening of the her eyes. Her first day to Camp (MLCC). Her first step November 2. Her first day at Preschool. Her first field day. Her firsts. And now we are only days away from giving her away for another young man who captivated her heart to take her.

Firsts. Wonderful. Beautiful.

Now . . . Bittersweet.

Yesterday was her Birthday. It was just as warm and sunny and Beautiful here at "home" as it was the day she was born.

Remember where you've come from sweet Princess for our Love for you is unending.