Friday, August 5, 2011

When, where and why

When did I arrive to today? Where did the time go? Why can't the moments of sheer joy and pleasure last much longer then just a nano second?

Human beings, not human doings are so very precious! As I grow a little older I realize that time is very very precious! I can not even begin to comprehend the magnitude of the moment of the present because it is just so "quick" It is so amazing to me the rapidness of it all.

I want so much to experience so many different things that it just blows my mind.

So much has simply flooded the electrodes of the neurological processing of my very simple yet completely complex thought process. I think until it almost hurts and at other times just enjoy the immeasurable moments of solitude.

The momentary wonders of it all just absolutely blow my mind. The beginning of. The middle of. The end of. WOWSIE!

When did "he see you/me?" From before it all began. Where did it matter that it was meant to be? At the creations beginning. Why did he want it to be? Because WE/YOU/I am his "Master Piece" He has ALWAYS had YOU in mind! ALWAYS!!!!!

I am just in AWE today of the magnitude of His Grace to include us (YOU/ME) in His ultimate Plan!!!!!!! May you know that you are HIS When, Where and Why with every intention and that you are NOT a mistake!!!