Friday, January 6, 2012

What . . . how many

Christmas 2011 with Her family as "FAMILY"!

Dreaming of their Wedding Day - Engagement Photos
Copy Rights: Beauty of Grace by Jessica Cash
Fall 2011

Wow how time flies! We are on the eve of 70 days left before we inherit out Son-In-Love for LIFE! Our first SON!!!! It is so close! I am just as excited for that as I was for the joy of our first born to arrive and see that B E A U TIFUL FACE!!!! YES!!!!
Philippians 4:8
Where it all began Early Spring 2011 with the poser fun!
unedited and full of fun
One of these is NOT like the others
We're thrilled to be getting a brother!

"Awww Jordy and HR!!"

71 Days it is HERE!

We are putting leg work together with the wonderful family she is gaining at the same time!

and Thank You R and P for his heart grown to mature as a Man of God!