Sunday, October 30, 2011

Singapore secret prayer ;-)

When is Singapore International on Oct 12, someone felt the need to keep my Creative Memory sports pull over jacket, with precious goodies in my pocket and a prescription. However, it is just something material. In the whole outlook now the royal blue one hanging in this picture, is the one I am praying through and for you with true joy. The prayer is saturated for warmth of your heart and soul and your physical body. I forgive you truly. For in the scheme of everything . . . it is for you - so that now I may earnestly be connected to you and pray for your salvation. That you may come to receive and have the best life ever for all eternity!I have been praying for that YOU ever since that early morning. That you may come to the Savior to be free and that your entire family; they all may come to know the Savior of the world Jesus Christ and know that HE LOVES YOU! And now we have a connection spiritually so that I may lovingly keep your heart and soul lifted before him.

Yours truly - your sister in Jesus Christ!