Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Accurate Story Behind the Star Spangled Banner


The tenderly soft rays send a kiss; "awake" softly echos in her head. It's time. Now it is time. Give freely what has been given to you. Be different. Remain true to me. Awake I desire to be with you. It's time to spend time together.

She meanders and saunters with eyes so drowsy it makes her enjoy the moment as the dreams become fuzzy. She silently awakes with the kiss of a soft ray of sunshine trying to peek it's way onto her slumber. The one eyes slits barely open to try and figure out where she momentarily is. Oh yeah, Home where it is safe, comfortable and a refuge. Even in the midst of upheaval.

The echo of the entry portal shows incredible acoustics for the voice and pitter patter of a vibrant two years energy bottled up over the dark hours that whisk by so quickly before the moment of unquestionable silence turns into an adventure of melodious orchestra unwritten.

The head rests. Reminisces at what used to be, now is and what may lay ahead and come into a focus. Ever changing, ever lived, ever anticipated with JOY! Another day is yet unwritten and the past soon left behind what gives today as a "PRESENT" to live in the presence or NOW.

She takes a deep sigh an knows she will forever continue to persevere to remain loving those around her; near and far. For T - I - M - E is limited and today she will capture her breath to live in a time that may just very well may be her last. Sigh, smile, regroup: Lessons learned, moments to grow from, and now it is time to give. GIVE LOVE at all cost regardless of the reception. Why? Because HE FIRST LOVED her when she really didn't deserve it but HE gave and keeps giving her love to pass on to others. Therefore, the example for her is to follow knowing the breath called life is very limited and soon she will be gone. Not everyone will receive, but keep giving He has revealed and told her. Keep Loving! Keep Loving!

It's a new day. Have a time to be BLESSED and enjoy what is TODAY.

Jeremiah 33:3 ;-)