Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas broken aching heart

Hi Sister 1,2,&3,
I received this message about your sponsored girls:
_ _ _, _ _ _, and _ _ _ are sisters. This family very poor, these kids are help family to do some work to make money. They don’t have house they live at hospital the place that they can live for free. However this family parent don’t have work. They can do what people asking them to do, by laundry, take care baby for other family, this work not make much money. And at night time or day time without school all this kid do recycle stuff not good for them to walk around and do that but this time we was talking with family asking them we may can help more rice and food but we don’t want all these 3 girls do recycle because not safe. However this good: study hard, been good at school. Come to kid’s club every time and she learn how to dance at Christmas time too.

This (above) was the letter response i recently received about the girl I just recently sponsored and her sisters (literally). Thank You Abba, Father-God for bringing this to my attention. I Love You "C" for sharing with me and the recently sponsored sisters care providers, Sincerely - from the bottom of my aching heart.