Saturday, April 20, 2013

Best words to say

What do You think?
What are the BEST words to SAY?

I've often wondered and contemplated that very question.   Yes.  What exactly are the Best words to say?

"I LOVE YOU!" Those very three words are so loaded.   Loaded? You ask.  Yes, packed with so much.  What is the meaning?  I Love you because . . .  I mean it.   I feel it.  I desire it.  I want it. Give me something for it.  Loaded with 'that tingling' feeling.  I desire to BE Loved.  It is so much more than that.   True Love.  WOW!  COMMITMENT to the very end.  NO MATTER WHAT!  I'll die for you, "I LOVE YOU." I'll serve you long past the moment when the 'feeling' seems lost, "I LOVE YOU!"

"I am SORRY."  Yes these three words are important.   I say it and express my apologies very sincerely.  In my/ our humanity, no one is perfect.  It is from the debts of who my character is yet being reminded just how incredibly important it is to say, "I am sorry."   It defuses so many unnecessary flare ups.   "I am sorry" because I care doesn't always come easy but is it vital for many relationships.  Next time, take a deep breath, say a prayer and say, 'I am sorry."

"I was WRONG."  ouch.   Okay so I am going to definitely date myself.  If those reading this crazy blog.  Maybe, you remember a sitcom named "Happy Days" where 'THE FONZ' really struggled with these three big ones.  Boy does humanity need a big gulp of these words to come from deep within and say them loud enough for another to even hear them.  "I was wrong" is the end of the blame shame game.  You know, I realize as time wises me up just a tad.  There is more to be learned from those who lead and confess that 'I was/am wrong' than those who are NEVER at error.   One with true character learns from their errors and grows instrumentally.  To admit when we are wrong and not blame another person simply is not a sign of weakness.  Rather it develops  strength to grow and excel.

"Please. Thank You. Excuse Me/ Pardon Me. You're Welcome."  Manners do matter.  How does one ever make a mistake when these simple words are applied to the vernacular?  Never.  Common courtesy is so priceless.  There are moments that warms the simplest of thought when those so young, learn and apply themselves.  Those whom take the time to utilize this to their own lives.  Manners. Do. Matter.  

"Will You Forgive Me, Please."   "I don't know."   For an individual to ask forgiveness or admitting that 'I don't know' is a place of humility.   However,  they are also very freeing.  Why?  Because there is no room left to carry around baggage that is not necessary to hang onto in our mind or our past.  To ask for forgiveness does leave on vulnerable.  But the 'weight upon your shoulders' is lifted.   And mankind will never know everything.  Never.  It's okay.  these are gems that can grant a new spirit of Life.  So go out and LIVE!

And sometimes the Best words are the ones that are NOT SPOKEN.  Just LISTEN.  We can not take back what we say.  How we say them.  But we can always watch what we speak and when.  Bridle the tongue is so wise.  "Whoever guards his mouth and tongue Keeps his soul from troubles"  Proverbs 21:23.

May you be BLESSED THIS WONDERFUL DAY that is called YOUR LIFE and LIVE it fully to edify and lift up those around you to Magnify the King of kings and Lord of lords.

~ Ana