Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Four . . . no not golf

Remembering that "Four" is a golf term and we had four daughters for 10 years. Then the Lord blessed us with a wonderful package during a wonderful year working in the school district with amazing co workers that I am still very close to and will ALWAYS Cherish! Matter of fact I am currently caring for the One I had been praying for an open womb!

Four teachers since that time have had precious children. Ang, Julia, Adriana and now Shelly. Yup we all worked together in the same wing. We laughed a lot, started a book club, had a prayer club, and had the Lord Bless all our wombs with children. Although I was teased for my matured life producing once again and now the last isn't all that far removed from having hers near the same wonder years. ;-)

Four more Son-In-Loves being prayed over to be answered just like the ONE we are gaining soon, yes VERY SOON! ;-)

Four - Kent is the eldest of four and I knew I wanted four or more because of them.

Four - My Mommy has four sisters. Just like my girls have Four SISTERS.

Four - One of the Lord's significant Numbers! AMEN!!!

Philippians 4 is loaded with words of WONDERFUL NEWS! Well for that matter sixty-six books of the BIBLE have many ways to celebrate "four".

I am living the years in fours! Teee heeee!!!!

Kent is double fours! Hahahaha