Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Canvas

Without question, I know that I Love the entire moments of ministry.   Today as I was working with the twins and my own precious HR.  I lost a few tears in the quiet moments.   I was thinking,  Where has the time flown by in, with, where, or to?   It is like a Narnia Canvas picture coming to life and 3 D.

See the Lover of my life is not feeling so good, the precious HR is re-stepping through things already accomplished and relapsing.  The Joy of her life is so quickly dissipating before my very eyes.   The other three princesses are quickly stepping through rapid transitions that will dramatically paint on another "NEW CANVAS" call our tapestry.

The newly weds will have already been married six weeks this weekend.  Teeg, is graduating and so eager to move it (I understand her desire but my mother heart aches for just a little more time).  Manaithy mainly cherish the moment to grow up a little faster and my emotional innards are moaning and screaming to take it just a little slower and Cherish the moments.  And . . .  Lemma well she too wants to just get to the next level.   NO!  How can that be?

Now, I really think I understand how my precious Pompi really cherished his five Princesses so deeply! "Kay se rah se rah"  "Will I be _ _ _ _ _ _? . . . .."    Oh the moments I make such huge "stroke" errors I just want to wash that color correctly.  I want to blend more of what I desire then I realize that is not what the King desires of me.   He just wants me to paint with the radiance of the colors he has so perfectly given me.  Interestingly enough all of the Princesses granted to our home look nothing like one another and yet they are created in the wonderful image of my Saviour. OUR SAVIOR!

Their strokes: all seven of them are wonderfully created with intent.  And the canvas?  IT Is my heart, my Life, my soul.  The gift given on the perfect frame of Jesus Christ!   The the wonderful Grace of God! The watchful guidance of the Holy Spirit!  I am breathless.  Speechless.

Thank you for the wonder of who they are and how they make the Picture absolutely wonderful, Abba, Father, God!  Today ready your word, thinking of one of Kent and my favorite movies and the sound track made me cherish the moment to know they are wonderful masterpieces your so pain stake inly have chosen for my LIFE CANVAS.

Genesis 1:27 So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Why are you sweating the small stuff?

What has your DAY been like?
Feeling like you awoke on the wrong side of the 
proverbial Bed?

Well . . . .if this is what you would like to say . . . 

 just go ahead and giggle!

This puts an entire new meaning to 


Monday, April 16, 2012

Whitte . . . Crucifiable!

copy righted!

This Deeper Life was exactly what I need to hear and practice with my life!
And todays' verse goes right along with it.  OCC rocked it and the time at LifeTrack and finished product of Tia's inner beauty appearing through Beauty of Grace Photography with the Storms swirling all around . . . Awww the Creator is  . . ..  I AM!  Awesome and Wonderful is HE!!!!

Matthew 18:15April 16, 2012
If a brother or sister sins, go and point out the fault, just between the two of you. If they listen to you, you have won them over.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Freedom Stylist - Rapha House WON'T you become one?

My first encounter;  when October changed my life forever!   Three years 4 months later my heart broke, my feet walked and now,  the conviction still remains . . . especially after talking with Princess three last night.  Thank You Faith for the reminder of "why" Dreams do come true!

This is why I still speak out with passion on behalf of Rapha House to this very day.  Thank You Mya for inviting me to do so April 15.   I love YOU Princess!    It all began with you in Holland Michigan 2008 with "Baht"   filmed with CIY by Derek Hammeke (who almost three and a half years i humbly met while he later filmed and edited this above footage!)  

Monday, April 9, 2012


"Have you ever?"

There are moments in my life that very simple phrase can make me a bit on edge.  The type of "edge" that well quite frankly makes me wrestle on the insides.  Sometimes it creates butterflies.  Other moments . . .  I am just still and think.  At other moments my mind drifts and looses all essence of time.   Yes it stirs things with in me.

Today, I asked myself that very question.   Things are stirring with in me.  I just desire to be HIS.  ALL HIS.   His who?   Jehovah Jirah.   I AM.   Adoni.   Alpaha and Omega.   HIS!

I was doing some "homework" before getting things ready to do my "to do's" beginning on the deep process, thought provoking soul search this past Saturday.  It blended into Resurrection Sunday.  The Spirit is causing currents and my inner platelets to move, twist, churn.  Creating aches, wrestling's yet freedoms.   WOW!

I began by asking myself soul searchingly - "Ana, Have you ever . . .  for HIM and HIS FULL GLORY?"  

Are you asking yourself that very same question?   What will you discover?  Are you willing to sit and listen to what he brings to you?   Well,   " _ _ _ _ _ , Have you ever . . . ?"

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Speedy, No Pedro, N0 -AMOR

We did the unimaginable.  A puppy.  A weak moment.  He is here now.  Emily has her "AMOR" because of the heart marking on his brow.   What was I thinking talking her daddy into her getting a dog?  We've tried this so many times that it is crazy, to think that I even talked with him and he allowed her. 

He looks like "Tink."   He is NOT related to the taco bell dog, although he hugely represents an incredible look a like.  Can dogs do that?   Maybe we should photo shop him saying,  "Yo querro Taco Bell?"   Naw,  she will just love him.

Here we go "Amor",  make this a great transition into the "new season" of our family life.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sore or not sore?

Today is one of those days that has kept me very busy.   I just hope I will not be to sore from my busy Thursday adventure of switching the house around.   It is with great detail that I realize that I have been so greatly blessed; all while moving the house around, with the riches from heaven called children. 

Has it ever been told to you that time goes so quickly?   I remember hearing that a lot in my years growing up.  I just couldn't understand how people could say that because it just seemed to just creep by at a snail pace as a child.   However, now that the shoes have become my fitted pair and not changing with the seasons, I believe that to be so true!  

My daughter and I had a very precious quick conversation.  She was so excited to share about their first invite to all their friends to share their home and to fellowship with one another.  They had a superb time.  Grilling out, yard work, laughter and fond memories!   She was so excited to tell me all about it and that she now has a garden.  After looking at her pictures.  It is wonderful!  I remember our first garden just outside our giant picture window at NCC in the 4-plex married housing units!   We LOVED those times!

So here is to the time that seems to be flying by.  Hearing about J&M's first home.  The pictures of the "Firsts."  But the fun is the excitement in their voices of what is taking place right now for them!

Love My Heavenly Father and how is is blessing beyond what I deserve!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I am telling you things you do not know

Jeremiah 33:3 was the verse that kept me going in 2011 and it still carries truth for me an a reassurance that comes from Him to me. 

I'll let you just go a head a read it for yourself, then please tell me what verse the Lord is leading you to and maybe the why. 

Blessings as he speaks to you!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Huge Thank YOU and fun Photos

It's been way over due.
However, I wanted to say a huge Thank You to a few individuals who gave from their hearts.
Those who
"Washed my Feet" so to speak.

There is this one of many: a very special Lady in my Life who has been around almost my entire married life and ministry life.
Auntie Joan! Gentle quiet spirit and a magnanimus heart who made these gifts of
"vintage aprons" for me.
See, when I was simply asking for ideas of "how" my desire was to make aprons
for gifts for ten other special ladies that were going to be servers.
Then One Special gal who captured it all on film at our photo Boothe!
(Teri H., Theresa W., Terra H., Sandy H., Tammy A., Sherri B., Wanda S., Nicole K., Valerie A. and Heather R)

Why the aprons meant the world to me:
Auntie Joan created the patterns all on her own and then sewed and pressed them.
They were made out of
precious fabric that Gram ma Whorten (her mama) donated
and matched our Princesses Wedding colors.
I teared up just knowing the loving Saints behind the
Lace, material, creations the time she gave to sew them.
Then to give them to the servers; the receivers
Women who have helped me heal.
Held me Accountable.
Laughed and Prayed with and over me.
and then wonderful Hands that took the
photos at the photo booth; Nova H.
No mistake These wonderful women of God who all brought these aprons to life.
Seen and Unseen
they have all touched my
life in a magnificent way and it was unknown to me but caught on film!
So here it is ~
Thank You so much for how your
hands gave in the most wonderful ways
to make our
Wedding Day very memorable!


Monday, April 2, 2012

Madness & CONVERSATION with Our Princess Bride

Oh the wonderful Joy of Hearing her voice! The Joy of catching up and the Joy of just laughing so hard with one another.

Let's just say the scepter has been handed off for her own Castle! LOVE the moment to sit in the Sun on a bench, chatting with the wind blowing through my hair. Awww Springtime . . . reminds me of the days in my twenties driving up to Boulder Colorado, sitting with the windows down, wind blowing through my dark auburn curls. Climbing my favorite falls and dreaming. Those dreams of long ago have developed into Fruit beyond my privileged life. Fruit that is more precious than words can ever depict accurately.

I Loved looking at our Princess with Blond locks driving with ease, a glow about her beauty from with in. All while in conversation with Our Princess Bride setting up her Castle! I LOVED THAT moment. It also brought joy to me to arrive home to three other Princesses and then to drive away with my wonderful Lover, our K King of our Castle to take care of things for Princess five.

Did I say, "I LOVED TODAY?" And all on the day of the Championship Game of March Madness. Rock Chalk Jayhawk - GO KU and do the unexpected and defeat Kentucky! Little bleep into history making and fun times of how my courtship now marriage bliss began twenty six years ago!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

No fooling around here

April 1st the day of perpetual pranksters. Not this year for this typist. All I can think of is how life is full of wonderful change. Change anticipated and change that will take adjustments. It just didn't appeal for this heart of mine to participate in "April Fools Day."

I just began thinking how much the Lord is filling me to be different. To live life by the depth of my convictions. It really began last week when visiting with "Janice" from Chosen People ministries and their two babes playing in the background J & S with our HR! Our talk, deep yet amazingly light. Theological yet of simple truths. Deep, thought provoking yet child like. Much like "Faith," our "FAITH" lived out with action, conviction, PASSION!

See just this morning I was reviewing my upcoming book Start Becoming a Good Samaritan by John Ortberg. I LOVED IT! But what I loved even more where the twenty others that showed up out of our thirty seven sojourners. COMMITMENT I call it. They were there! Yes they were there.
See last weeks conversation with Janice and the prophesies from Ezekiel, Daniel and Isaiah. Her life in Israel. My "little girl dreams and vision" coming to life. It perplexed me, however, drove my hunger for questions. I found last week I put them aside. But today with the quick review of the sessions series by John Ortberg make me desire the stirrings from when just a wee little girl whom was searching for answers to unknowns. They are back with Dream Drives.

Then i began to read the book I just received for our women's study beginning this week. Living A Life Of Balance by Women of Faith study guide series! This is going to be a ride the next eight to ten weeks. NO FOOLING!

I just want you to know that

  • God sees You clearly!

  • God sees You with Purpose!

  • God sees You with Vision 20/20!

  • God is just waiting for you to ANSWER HIS CALL!

THEREFORE, What are we: You and I waiting for? LET'S GO! Won't you come with me on the most exhilarating, daring, adventure that will change you life for all eternity? I would like to invite you to Resurrection Sunday. Feel free to come to Rosendale Christian Church in Rosendale Missouri. If you have never been invited to come to a Resurrection Service - Then I am INVITING YOU to COME with Me and our FAMILY! If you are to far away then GO to a Resurrection Service that the Word of God is being preached and is literally using the Holy Scriptures that reveal that Jesus Christ is the only way to Live a life of True Salvation!

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." John 14:6