Sunday, April 1, 2012

No fooling around here

April 1st the day of perpetual pranksters. Not this year for this typist. All I can think of is how life is full of wonderful change. Change anticipated and change that will take adjustments. It just didn't appeal for this heart of mine to participate in "April Fools Day."

I just began thinking how much the Lord is filling me to be different. To live life by the depth of my convictions. It really began last week when visiting with "Janice" from Chosen People ministries and their two babes playing in the background J & S with our HR! Our talk, deep yet amazingly light. Theological yet of simple truths. Deep, thought provoking yet child like. Much like "Faith," our "FAITH" lived out with action, conviction, PASSION!

See just this morning I was reviewing my upcoming book Start Becoming a Good Samaritan by John Ortberg. I LOVED IT! But what I loved even more where the twenty others that showed up out of our thirty seven sojourners. COMMITMENT I call it. They were there! Yes they were there.
See last weeks conversation with Janice and the prophesies from Ezekiel, Daniel and Isaiah. Her life in Israel. My "little girl dreams and vision" coming to life. It perplexed me, however, drove my hunger for questions. I found last week I put them aside. But today with the quick review of the sessions series by John Ortberg make me desire the stirrings from when just a wee little girl whom was searching for answers to unknowns. They are back with Dream Drives.

Then i began to read the book I just received for our women's study beginning this week. Living A Life Of Balance by Women of Faith study guide series! This is going to be a ride the next eight to ten weeks. NO FOOLING!

I just want you to know that

  • God sees You clearly!

  • God sees You with Purpose!

  • God sees You with Vision 20/20!

  • God is just waiting for you to ANSWER HIS CALL!

THEREFORE, What are we: You and I waiting for? LET'S GO! Won't you come with me on the most exhilarating, daring, adventure that will change you life for all eternity? I would like to invite you to Resurrection Sunday. Feel free to come to Rosendale Christian Church in Rosendale Missouri. If you have never been invited to come to a Resurrection Service - Then I am INVITING YOU to COME with Me and our FAMILY! If you are to far away then GO to a Resurrection Service that the Word of God is being preached and is literally using the Holy Scriptures that reveal that Jesus Christ is the only way to Live a life of True Salvation!

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." John 14:6

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