Thursday, July 21, 2011

THe memory of a life time

Every mother is looking forward to the day that they get to see their "baby" grow up and get married. Well Oh my goodness that is getting reedy to happen and it is wonderful.

My heart stopped a beat with many mixed emotions when I received the phone call. My breath still and the then the wonderful drive home after picking her up to hear all the details gave my heart an extra beat. The clients I met made me smile and the joy to ride back home arriving shortly after midnight seemed like only like normal when their is excitement in the air.

Her story. Her smile. Imagine the thoughts, excitement and anticipation of his request. JOY.
Catching up on everything and the tears that rolled down my cheeks pure JOY. It's here. The moment of seeing the excitement of what will be here before we know it.

All I could say after it was sinking in, "It's Your Day, Enjoy every moment of it. It doesn't matter, for it's both of YOUR DAY, It's YOUR DAY!" I imagined what it would be like to sit along and soak it all in an just allow her to smile, giggle, sigh, and ramble on to allow her to ENJOY the moment. :-)

Then today . . . . Taking the day off of work to spend it with all of the understanding and comprehending Princesses to go on another stupendous adventure then capture it on film!!!!! AMAZING (I'm aware of the incorrect spelling but I was definitely in AWE!) can not even begin to explain what it was like. However, I will cherish this moment to "Ooooo and Ahhhhh" and sigh deeply with ecstatic thrill. She radiated today and We tried to capture it all on film. And amazingly we found it - we definitely FOUND IT! Bought it! Then she Called with Her excitement to Him. :-) Here we go - JOY found through Jesus Christ and so many answered Prayers!
She radiated in a glow that was leaving us speechless. Breath taking. (maybe even stopping). She rang the Bell and will "always hear them from this day forward!" Because they walk in Jesus Christ, separately and soon united as one! Praise the Lord. We are inheriting a son.
All I can say is that the drive, the Panera drinks and cookies and the wait for all these years . . . . PRICELESS!!!!

Thank You M, T, F and E for a stupendous day of a memory made and the moment to enjoy the season in preparation! I can't reveal to you anything other than it is B E A U TIFUL absolutely precious what today imprinted on my heart with full gratitude then to end it with a Celebration with J's Birthday Surprise.

Thank You Lord for a glorious Day that out weighs what brought us to today.