Saturday, April 7, 2012

Speedy, No Pedro, N0 -AMOR

We did the unimaginable.  A puppy.  A weak moment.  He is here now.  Emily has her "AMOR" because of the heart marking on his brow.   What was I thinking talking her daddy into her getting a dog?  We've tried this so many times that it is crazy, to think that I even talked with him and he allowed her. 

He looks like "Tink."   He is NOT related to the taco bell dog, although he hugely represents an incredible look a like.  Can dogs do that?   Maybe we should photo shop him saying,  "Yo querro Taco Bell?"   Naw,  she will just love him.

Here we go "Amor",  make this a great transition into the "new season" of our family life.