Friday, September 26, 2014

HR and the Dreams Unknown

In the eyes of a Child is the DREAMS that come from deep with in their soul.
Eye expectant, Laughter real, Oh to imagine once again like our sweet Princess DREAMS!
Eager with every moment of ANTICIPATION!
To look out into a WORLD of unknowns and to become gitty with the Joys of What CAN BE!
Her heart pounded.
Her feet ran as fast as possible to get her to "SEE" what is OUT THERE!
Her Joy, Wonder, Curiosity.

Go HR and Reach 
Your God Given DREAMS!
"Speak Lord, for your servant, HR to
hear you. SPEAK!"

 The Still SMALL VOICE that speaks so Loud to Her inmost being! 
Open her ears.
Open her eyes.
Open her Heart.
Guide her very soul!

Unto you,
Abba, Father, God.

I've watched the heart of this Princess!
Named according to the Name sake she truly is.

Just like the others:
Prayed since the day of her known conception.

Uniquely her own:
Prayed to accomplish All the Dreams that YHWH
has allowed her to fathom and fulfill her Calling!

The Possibilities.
The Unknown.
The Holy Spirit Lead.
The Savior's Redeemed.

HIS Priceless Bride!

Here she is Lord,
here she Is!  
Thank You for all that She is and Will Be.

Here is Princess HR!
May her DREAMS with YOU
 be so Enriched
may she
lead many to the Absolute Truth of 

Sunday, September 21, 2014



What is yours?


By definition of

1.   Something that is to happen or has happened to a particular person or thing; lot or fortune.

2.   the predetermined, usually inevitable or irresistible, course of events.

3.   the power or agency that determines the course of events.

"Many plans are in a man's heart, but the counsel of the LORD will stand." Proverbs 19:21

My Life is so very full.  
I have made many choices all my life that are so incredibly different than my growing up family and even with in my own home now made with a wonderful godly & God fearing man.   Often times my stubborn ways have even gotten in the way.  But my Destiny is to fulfill the "Great Commission to my very last breath."   

Oh I will grow old and I know that I've traveled the globe.  Pondering my Destiny.  Humanity and the human destiny.   I have had much and I have truly experienced little.  My belly has not truly gone hungry other than to satisfy the thirst to do more for Jesus Christ.  Destiny?  

What control do we have?

I know i am living a legacy.  One that belongs to Christ Jesus alone.  My choices dictate the path walked.  

However,   Ultimately for me to "Live is Christ and to die is gain."  the Life I live I desire to be so different because i walk to the very different beat of a different drum that doesn't make sense to the world.  To Love unconditionally.  To confess my iniquities regularly, because He knows that I truly need HIM!    No human being will ever fully satisfy 100% other than to serve them "others" with no expectations to reciprocate. To see them as they are made in Jesus Christ image.

May my life be so different that others see only Jesus Christ in his fullness and know that only He can and will save us, me from our, my sin.   ONLY He will truly satisfy the hole in our hearts and spirits that was only meant for HIM.  Yes even those who think, "well, I'm a good person,  I live morally and ethically correct. I treat everyone good around me."  Our Destiny will show in our here and in now.  In the WHOLE person we are,  but ultimately, it will be our 'forever' when we finally breath our last breath, close our eyes on earth "finally" and open them for our, my Eternity that we WILL and SHALL See our FULL DESTINY!    

I Love Jesus with all my heart and I LOVE LIFE more than ever because He has given me one more day to Share the Love of Jesus and make others feel IMPORTANT like they, YOU  truly are created.   I know time is short.  Very Short.  Some of us will leave peacefully.  Others well . . . with hard times.   But we all have an ETERNAL DESTINY.  

Therefore,  Chose wisely whom you shall serve and the "WHY?" because  . . . .


Living what?

My dear friend  "Claudeedee" posted this and it made me think of how we have diviated from the source of the ONLY thing necessary to care for our body is water.

It made me realize
days with out WATER can make us sluggish.
Isn't that what it is like when we go days with out "drinking" from the Lord Jesus.
Jesus is Amazing!  
Did you know that . . . .

Monday, May 26, 2014

Splender of the King through a Moms heart

I had my quiet time today and An Amazing sermon!  
OUCH and AHHHHhhh!

When contemplating what is taking place with in me
I hear the words of today:
Edify other better than myself

Then I replay Howard Hendricks words:

 is something you 
will argue about

is something you 
Will DIE for!" 

My entire life I have felt "called" to travel the world since before The Lord's still small voice was heard clearly by me. 

I remember it very vividly at 5 years old.  In "Lil' Gram ma and Pompi's " basement.

                                           My conviction is My Passion to SERVE YHWH
In every way.

October 2011
Right:   Cambodia                                                                                      Left:  Return Home

He captivated Her heart
and More than answered ours

  While Carrying Her; our final Princess,  He asked me to remember to:
and Trust Him   
   I did!  

28 years later another answered Prayer:

                                          "Follow Me."   "GO."    "The Harvest is Plentiful."
                                           2 Continents:  3 states:  4 His Glory:  5 Cities:
                                                    Missions on Foreign Field together:
                                                   United in Ministry Calling as ONE.
                                           To My only earthly Love,  Until Death do Us Part!

To Love Him  as a grand

                                                                         Easter Morning 2014 

Into Your Eyes I see sweet Prince:

In Case you Ever Wonder
God Gave You to US
two wonderful books to read.
May Your Convictions Precious Family Be to Fulfill the Great Commission For His Full GLORY!
          Your Blessings Prayed for and Upon You from the depths of my calling to answer 

Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21

Saturday, May 24, 2014

What it takes . . .

I just sat and read a wonderful blog from Lysa Terkheursts': The Day I Lost My Smile  About Parenting.

Isn't it just amazing how we learn so many life lessons from our children?

It is for me.   The best lessons come from our Mighty Lord and Savior and often times he allows those truths to come "from the mouth of babes" as well as their actions.

Today is yet another one of those lesson days.   I make mistakes all the time.  But I am learning continually that when the fuse is short it is because my walk is not in proper line with our Lord.

Today I am very thankful for my husband, our children, five wonderful reminders by birth. One answered prayer by marriage and one precious life from late December 2013.   I am so desiring to be different for the best of the kingdom and what is so different than the world views.  So here is the best I can describe it:

Often times . . . . Success in the Lord's eyes is so worth 'doing what it takes!'