Sunday, January 23, 2011

Oh goodness AGAIN it falls

Here it is again as it falls a third time with in a short week and a half.

There it is. WHITE powdery and feathery looking. It is late last night and we drive away from our guests home along with two other couples who depart rather quickly since they have further north to travel. AMAZING in less than two weeks it has literally dumped much precipitation.

I can not put into words what is taking place here. The mighty hand of God at work, that is what is stirring and it absolutely warms my heart. Dreaming, my favorite childhood fond season ( away from where I grew up that is) Oh it was so funny to drive home in two separate vehicles and to park down below like we usually do when we know a snow removal will require on our snow route. Oh I did think we are not going to receive this one this time. WE DID and AHHHhhhhh. I was giggling when I saw the answer to my question, "Well, did it snow that hard that church was postponed this week?" Oh my goodness, the ticker was not able to scroll fast enough in the alphabetical order quick enough!

So I'll just show you what I mean. Her are a few pictures from a few of our SNOW adventure wonders that has caused four Snow days for our area and now a SNOW SUNDAY. AMAZING! Absolutely AMAZING!

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