Monday, November 5, 2012

Election of another Kind

The time has come to enjoy each day.   People are Tweeting, Messaging, Blogging about what they are Thankful for.   Tomorrow is the day Americans will vote:  A day that will yet again determine America's steps.

There are countries who are our Allies and those whom are not.  The world is watching.  The Lord Knows the Future.  It is more than politics.  It is More than economics.  It's a heart issue.   YES A HEART ISSUE.   Humanity has turned its back on the Truth for ABSOLUTE TRUTH and now we are a globe reaching for answers.  Reaching for 'independence'.   Searching to fill "the void" that consumes us.  The tongue is a fire.   The heart is deceitful who can withstand it?  Only ONE is fully in control.   When the heart is seeking the truth, the Holy spirit will guide you.    Independence is found with the dependence on Him;  I AM.

To truly be independent look around.  Those that are truly content are those whom have a proper focus.  They posses Peace.  True Joy.  Faith with Action.   The tide is changing.  Time is close.  Arise oh Nation.  Wake up.  The government is not the remedy.  Start working America. Yes by the sweat of your brow for your keep.   The men of old; our Fore Fathers,  where men of Integrity.  Hard Work.  Risk Takers and America prospered.  Do you feel empty?  Does your efforts leave you void?  Do you Desire fulfillment of the BEST KIND?  Now in her exploitation of hand outs and greedy expectations; the remnant needs to come forth.   Arise Saints.  Put the only true Faith in Action to Jehovah.  

I am still Thankful for the Life of One Man.  The Man who Died for all that none should perish.  The man who bridged the gap for all Eternity.    The man who came for You, Me, US!  The one and only way to Heaven, for there is no other.   His name:  Jesus Christ.   No I am not perfect.  I am fallible to the core.   However,  My life has never been the same.  Nor shall it ever be.   Therefore, because of HIM I KNOW THAT I AM FREE!

Here is the road that began my Journey one very cold March 18 Night.   Won't you join me in True Freedom?!  Your New Life?

Romans 3:23
Romans 6:23
I Peter 2:24
John 3:16-17
Romans 10:17
Luke 13:3
Acts 3:19
Matthew 10:32-33
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