Saturday, March 24, 2012

One Week - In His Glory

I am absolutely in AWE of what a difference has taken place in one week.

Yes a week ago today, Our Princess was getting ready for her pictures at this time and then it was on the most memorable FIRST Wedding for our Family. My heart is so FULL! Joy overflows from my cup.

The K Clan came and that absolutely burst my heart open with overwhelming Love, Joy, sprouting from the root of forgiveness. Why? Because it was The Wedding Joy of Love poured over to and through them! I can not fully express in written form the pondering of my heart.

The T Clan full of color brought laughter and Love into my heart also! Why? Because My family is the "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" in Latin style and I do appreciate my roots, bloodline, FAMILIA! Yes they are everything that "Toula" explains in that movie and I smile just like she does. Her character is so much like me. T and I just laughed last night about it- reminiscing after our celebration Wedding last Saturday! Yep, Loud, noise, BIG CURLY HAIR, Love, Kissing and "OPAHHHH" is my life also.

Then there is the NEW H Clan! =) That makes me really bubble over because we fell in Love with them when we met them for the first time last fall at OCC Tuesday Tour!~ Yep the Prayer Answered "Match Made" from Heaven. Then working along side of them, Spending a Girl day with P and then . . . well they made the Sanctuary look like the Celestial dreamy land I love from J.R.Tolkin movies "The Lord of the Rings!" Making it all arrayed in vintage; and the lanterns, the music, the sweetness of viewing three Men of God giving the charge while the Fourth was marrying our Princess! Aw www struck was I when I saw all those wonderful Loved ones there! I couldn't breathe, JUST SMILE WITH an IMMENSE Overwhelming JOY!

To watch his Daddy, Watch her Daddy and experience FAMILY through Blood, marriage and JESUS CHRIST - Thank You Abba, Father, God!!!! My heart feels like a rushing flooding river down the Rockies and the Waterfall is Your Love upon everyone who shared that day with us!
My desire was and has always been for this day to be HER DAY! For HIS DAY!
Jeremiah 33:3 and Ephesians 3:20 YES he did show me my imagination beyond my imagination!