Thursday, January 5, 2012

True Joy

Goodness Gracious God is GREAT!!!!

So many times there is so much to be grateful for! In our western culture I still cling to the mighty hand of God's outstretched hand! One thing that is really bothering me lately is the fact that there are so many diseases. The one I HATE IS CANCER!!!! I ABSOLUTELY HATE IT!!!
It is a dividing rod in so many ways and now I have heard of two possibilities of prescious people who have been going through it's vile venom!

I realize that God is in control of life. I know he is more than gracious! I believe he is still soverign and I know that he is the comfort of all comfort. I know so many times I take for granted the health given unto me. I rest in his arms and through some troubling news once again of this wicked aliment with a dear loved one, I will continue to lay my head in HIS LAP and pray, pray, pray. I LOVE YOU Abba, Father, MY GOD, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit and in you I will TRUST and BELIEVE even more in YOU

Psalm 139 You have shown me your ever loving arms and the way that you are in control! Thank You Abba, Thank You!