Saturday, March 8, 2014


Today my heart swells with emotion!
my little man, our Prince
sick, literally.

He can not say exactly how he feels
He can only depend on his loving parents.
To hold him.
cradle him.

As he labors to breathe it reminds me of 

Why you say?  There are so many lost.  Lost in hope, lost of economics, lost freedom, but most importantly lost to their salvation. I Love the depiction of Love here.  Work.  Perseverance. Gentleness yet strength and Dependence of the stamina of another.  Whose?  Read on.

I love this photo.  
Someone ~
One of whom I do not know whom to rightfully give credit.  The unknown photographer captured so much in this shot.  
However, our two hands are HIS HANDS.  
I've come to realize that so many times we can help others but it is truly so much more than that.
Let me explain myself in the simple articulation of bullet points.

  • All are sinners.  
  • As Pascal has described it: we all have a vacuumed size hole  in our heart that only the Lord can fill. 
  • We try to be just humanitarians, however, it is so much more than that.  
  • Random acts of kindness only, well it still leaves one empty.
  • Salvation is offered for EVERYONE 
  • Choose one for the gift of Eternity in Heaven 
  • or one can chose the cold, the reality of condemnation in Hell.  
  • All fall short
  • No middle ground
  • Hot or Cold
  • No Lukewarmness
  • To only feed the stomach and not the soul still leaves a void
  • But the GIFT of God is eternal life in Him
  • Everyone knows John 3:16
  • "For God so LOVE the world that He Gave
  • that whosoever BELIEVES in HIM 
  • should not perish but have eternal LIFE
  • but how about John 3:17
  • "for He did not come into the world 
  • to condemn the world
  • but
  •   to SAVE IT."
  • with Both arms stretched out to the FULLEST
  • For YOU and ME
  • To have access to 
  • not 
  • HELL
  • Faith with Action produces a fruit filled life that gives peace and substance beyond compare
  • To Live in Absolute Truth grants the BEST FREEDOM
"Do Unto Others as You would have done unto you."
Keep The Lord, YHWH First
Be the Hands and Feet of Jesus Christ

Time is short don't die of spiritual starvation of a life lost without Jesus Christ!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

New Life - New Beginnings

It has been way to long since Last posting on this BLOG.

Wow where do I begin?

Let me just share Life is good.   Our family is growing.   We have not only gained a wonderful Son-In-Love along with his wonderful family, but we've now had the joy of receiving a Heavenly Treasure.  Our first Grand.  Oh What a JOY!   Our first bloodline a PRINCE.

                                                            first hours of life !

                                                            The day arriving at Home

He is so wonderful!  The Lord allowed us His Blessed Life on Our Anniversary!  WONDERFUL just WONDERFUL!  He makes my heart swell.  Every moment I get to hold him I JUST LOVE HIM MORE!   Okay,  so Now I realize the JOY OF GRANDPARENTHOOD.  It is PRICELESS!!!

So there/here HE IS!  That is a GREAT BEGINNING to returning to blogsville!  ;-)