Wednesday, March 5, 2014

New Life - New Beginnings

It has been way to long since Last posting on this BLOG.

Wow where do I begin?

Let me just share Life is good.   Our family is growing.   We have not only gained a wonderful Son-In-Love along with his wonderful family, but we've now had the joy of receiving a Heavenly Treasure.  Our first Grand.  Oh What a JOY!   Our first bloodline a PRINCE.

                                                            first hours of life !

                                                            The day arriving at Home

He is so wonderful!  The Lord allowed us His Blessed Life on Our Anniversary!  WONDERFUL just WONDERFUL!  He makes my heart swell.  Every moment I get to hold him I JUST LOVE HIM MORE!   Okay,  so Now I realize the JOY OF GRANDPARENTHOOD.  It is PRICELESS!!!

So there/here HE IS!  That is a GREAT BEGINNING to returning to blogsville!  ;-)

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Keely Brooke Keith said...

Beautiful grandson! He is darling!
Welcome back, Ana! I missed your praiseworthy posts.

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