Sunday, July 10, 2011

In the wake - clear vision part 2

Did you know "the National Weather Service in Springfield, Missouri, later determined the killer tornado’s path was 13.8 miles long and just shy of 1 mile at its widest. At last tally, the nation’s deadliest tornado in 60 years claimed 153 lives, injured 1,150 people, destroyed 8,000 homes, mangled 18,000 vehicles, demolished 400 businesses, and displaced 5,000"
Christian Standard

This is where it hit me I couldn't remember my bearings.
As we headed to see Bethy, "not far away from this point."

"My, it should be right around here where I remember we need to turn."

Just two and a half blocks away to the north;
This is where I turn to see Bethy. I didn't recognize the turn.
from here south . . . total devistation.
After a wonderful visit with Beth heading back east before turning south.
heading south from twentith on main.
above is just a bit east of hospital

heading east .. . .
A kitchen is all that was left standing.

Joplin High: above and below
These trees below. . . where once bear. However, now they and many
others have begun new life and growth.
I think, this may be the apartments complexes where Bri may have lived

Bri, from House of Hope lost her place of residence,
car and belongings but her heart is filled with
life that is amazing!
Jeremiah 33:3

We prayed with her and her boyfriend and what lies ahead.
We still need to give our support to Joplin and the people;
through prayer and giving in anyway possible.