Thursday, October 8, 2009

But a moment

The cool crisp air

The warmth of the oven as the door opens
while oozing out the sweet smells of a fresh baked chocolate cake
the fresh pot of coffee fragrance wafts the room
as the aromas touche all the senses . . .
The beaters whizzing while the mixing bowl swirls 'round n 'round
ummmmm . . . sweet memories made

The door bell rings
Haddy giggles and clings to my legs
the patter of footsteps

a pleading voice to be held

A friendly smile
eyes that glisten with joy
chubby little fists that grasp firmly, lovingly,
smooth hands that lift her up
up, up . . . awww
a hug than a kiss that greets her
For now she knows - LOVE
the touch of a mothers' heart . . .

All but a sweet moment

"Bethy" . . . now a mommy herself.

"Auntie Joan" and HB enter the room
the heart beats with joy and ache to hold him
a quick change, the mixer stops the finished sweet smooth icing.

Two cups of coffee poured . . um m m m . . .
more sweet memories to cherish I get to finally hold him!

Lay him upon my chest over my heart . . . heart to heart
he slumbers and smells so, so, so wonderfully fresh
and his skin so soft . . . to caress him so gently
patiently gingerly soaking the three generations in
to the corners of my souls keepsakes.

To Love him, to squeeze him . . . to simply cherish him.
To wrap my arms around him with such awe and wonder

Bethy's . . . baby boy . . . Henry Boyce
and Hadassah Roses' desire to . . .
"I waaaant to Luuuuve him, I waaaant to graaaaab him, I waaaant to hooooold him"

We Loved every moment with all three of you,
even though it was but a moment!

We Love You!


Anonymous said...

Ana, This brought tears to my eyes. Bethy a mommy!! Would love to meet little Henry. His pictures remind me a lot of Beth and Brent with those chubby cheeks.


Ana-Lou said...

Yes tears to mine also dear Claudeedee!!! ;-) My favorite tear . . . to pray over Henry while holding him in my arms before they left!

Why? Because she held all of my children while she was growing up to become a mommy herself.

I cherish each new day because lately I really don't know how much longer I have here before returning HOME! Therefore, I'll make the most of each breath to tell those I care about - I LOVE YOU!