Saturday, October 10, 2009

Full ??? No not really


Full . . .

Fun Filled and Full week!

Hadassah specials of the week:
S:Ashlynn Noel Atkins and Fam
Tu:Henry, Bethy, and Auntie Joan (Irwins)
Thur:Ella & Mama Julia Groce - visits us as her first caretaker
Sat: McFarlands - Danny, Hope(ful), Ben, Noah and Cloe-Lynn

Full with JOY beyond measure, our youngest angel loved each and everyone of them.

We had an unexpected out of town guest surprise our very
special neighbors from the past . . . it was a calm joyful time.
At least for Faith, Haddy and me whom sat with them to give them our full attention
(Kent was ;-( ill) while we enjoyed the evening over homemade chili, biscuits and of coarse hot dogs.

Full? Did you get to love them all "Haddy?"
Yeah - Sure - Ya Betcha!!!

The week was fully loaded with guests but we LOVED it!
Full with plenty of time!
Full with overflowing Love!
Full with smiles!
Full with laughter!
Full with the opportunity to be relaxed!

Yes this full week of fellowship was much like
a full filled harvest that reaped LOVE beyond
the measure of being "FULL" ;-)

Are you Full or not?
We sure have been . . .

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