Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New news or not

The day goes by and the wonder of God is so strong. He is stretching me in incredible ways just based off of the way he works to teach. While sitting here where our family has come for twenty one seasons to reflect on the great Creator. Oh Like it has been said before, there is much fallibility found in me. It seems the more I try to get to know him, there is still so much to learn.

My oldest princess had written me a while ago and she asked me a personal question about why it is so hard to love on those around you with whom she is trying to look to Jesus Christ. I have been trying so hard to learn and it just seems to get harder yet there is still peace in the midst of the process. Oh it isn't always the smoothest road but I referred her to where to read that has been teaching me.

With this week in Kansas it is a huge step process that stretches me to continue on when there is still much more to keep learning and working through the applications. Today's' topic: wow . . . illustration to grow through is everywhere in my life right now. For that matter the teacher, the Missionary, the Guest Speaker have all hit Grand Slams and then it is pulling me through to know there is joy in all circumstances. Love, Service, Humility and then today - eye awakening.
Thank You to those who really do know me and continue to grow with me. Only through Christ can the walk become His. I still have a long way to travel and climb as He grabs my hand. For that I am thankful and look forward to seeing him face to face and until then I'll enjoy the ministry adventure with my lover and princesses and our family even now.

Thanks MLCC for showing me yet more lessons to learn and keep the journey going.