Monday, January 16, 2012

Surprised! YEP she sure is!!!!

Daughter Surprise Weekend
She never knew.

We worked out all the details:
Fiance: CHECK
Responsibilities cleared: DOUBLE CHECK
Coaches: CHECK
Invitations: CHECK
OCC B-Ball Game Location: CHECK
Family Ready: CHECK
Plan of attack: CHECK
Shhhh, here we go.


Personal surprise

Now . . . . Off to catch a bite (CHIPOTLE) & set up for next surprise

SURPRISE (number two!)
The Tea Set from her Great, Great Grandmother,
Cake from Anna R. and "Jingle Juice" from Cynthia's recipe;
made from Mentorship Sisters

Surprise (number three)
Her LOOK from another special sister: Amy P. Mark Kay

Who says Friday the thirteenth is bad luck? For one VERY SPECIAL PRINCESS and FOUR OTHER PRINCESSES it was FULL OF BLESSINGS! Giving and watching the RECEIVING!
Off we went to the game in Omaha, NE (Fri. 13 January 2012) to see her game. To have a fun filled weekend of surprises! It was so worth every effort. We so enjoyed the moments of the thrill of anticipation and SHOCK! What a thrill! She never knew! She LOVED it so much it became one of her status remarks on Facebook ~ "BEST DAY EVER!"