Wednesday, July 6, 2011

In the wake - clear vision

Wow, what a day. I can not even begin to tell you what has gone on and in my life. Yet here we are again on this crazy thing called "blogging" allowing others in to whom I am and what is taking place in what is my mist.

The devotion this morning amazing! Absolutely AMAZING. It is so fitting to what is swirling around in this moment of a "flicker" ( I believe it is so real and true - this flicker of time ). I believe I will just encourage you to go and get it and read it for yourself. It came from the scriptures and then from the book/devotional: Streams in the Desert WOW!

(I'll show pictures later - added on asap)

I have been pulled like salt water taffy to the point it felt like it would all just tear apart. However, it never has. It was a time to sit in the overcast day with a splash of sunshine and an soft gentle breeze, ever so gentle. Then the still small voice. Let me A_ _, gently guide you.
A.C.T.S. and then a ride through town.
A small stop.
A gust of wind.
A visit.
A conference call.
The vibration of attention (3 hours later).
A text.
pause. . . . . . tears.
Revisit to prayer.
possible restoration.
deep breath in.
quite disbelief and the beginning.
gentle breeze, eyes closed, vision heaven focused.
joy in the storm.
Storm of life.
Storm of aftermath & actual literal location.
New life and chance for growth.

As Mymy and I drove to and through Joplin the tears just kept coming. It all came flooding. Final emotions - healing. bottled up emotions kept at bay - tears; they just kept rolling. My eyes beheld indescribable to articulate in words. My heart beat differently.
Lately in the midst of the efforts of reconstruction - it felt like what was being seen physically and experiential living mirrored one another. However, there was and is PEACE. Much to be unleashed and released. The gate unlocked. Squeaked. Slowly opening to the other side. Rushing to bubble over with unexpected cleansing.

The one thing that stood out today. We all are like the nature in the trees I saw today. There are moments when we feel exposed, stripped of everything, and left bear to all the "elements" yet something strange. Strange. Bright. Green. Fresh in the wake of unbelievable destruction - the ability to breathe. With an exhale then inhale - life again. pruning, watering, feeding - a ray of sunshine. the breeze across the face. felt like a precious and sincere kiss that warms to the core in the depths of the soul. healing. New living organisms - a Genesis.

Yeah - This entire day gave these eyes newness and a fresh spirit. The long over due awaited and anticipated time to reveal with longing for a very long time - a time for restorations. Only by His LOVE. Now growing to give through my love.
His time.
A New day.