Sunday, February 17, 2013

Faith? Hope? LOVE? YES!!!!!

Do I have Faith?  Yes.
What of Hope?  Yes.
And any LOVE?  YES!

Today I read about a precious, precious little girl named "Addy".  However I want you to know that i am beseeching anyone whom reads this understands my heart to PRAY for her Parents:  Addy is a beautiful little girl who is awaiting to be LOVED.  Her Parents have chosen LIFE for her.  However, medically she is FIGHTING for her life.  When she was "12 week old" she had been diagnosed with a
cystic hygroma along with many other medical concerns that have been revealed up to the last blog read.  Her parents need many of us standing in the gaps for them.  She; "Addy" is 30 weeks along in her Mommy's womb.  Active.  Yet her Daddy and Mommy are desiring her to know she is Loved!  Their Faith - Priceless.  Hope - Unending.  JOY - real.   LOVE = ADDY IS that without question.
Her, parents affirm continually, "She is wanted and she is loved."   ~ 28 Weeks "Addalyn Lane"

See Today I was asked if I knew a certain family?  "Yes, why do you ask?"  This Grandmother, Daughter and granddaughter standing together.  Told me I needed to read this blog.  I explained that I knew this family because of a time when I needed prayer as I pondered much,  sought out Jehovah Jirah for answers to my broken heart.  And this family touched me through ANSWERED PRAYER without realizing it through a daughter, "Addy's" aunt; who was to become a very dear kindred to one of my own.

My heart broke, and just lifted many prayers on her families behalf.   I don't know exactly how they feel right now.  But I do know the part of loss, reliance on the Father and the unknown.  I pray that when "Addy" meets her Daddy and Mommy she does KNOW that they LOVE HER DEARLY and that they always have and will.   That their time together is a time to touch, as well as see one another with a connection from Heaven.    I am praying for that miracle to be Heaven sent in so many UN-Imaginable ways.    Lord, Your will be done,  But as Gideon asked, So I to ask to be so bold.  May she live her life here, on this side of Heaven?  Is it possible for your will to allow it?  Is your will for life this side of Heaven, PRAISE YOU.  Is your will for life only IN HEAVEN, PRAISE YOU for helping them here get through this time.  Then, allow Addy to meet in your presence Jesus as she plays with our "Jordan Micah".  That Jordan Micah will laugh with her while they play together while with You.  I don't know the "V"s but YOU DO!  Give all three of them YOU!  I know with out any shadow of doubt they believe in you!  I just ask, may Addalyn bring them all even closer to you.  It is in your name I pray for Addy, her Daddy and Momma, Grandparents, Uncles & Aunts and every life she touches.  In Jesus Your name I pray.  Amen and Amen.

Do I still have Faith?  YES!
Do I still possess Hope? YES!
Do I Love?  YES!