Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Em, My, Ti, Manaithy
Shhhhh, Haddy is SLEEPING; the batteries were "recharging."
The First Day of School for THREE that involves FOUR of the FIVE!
It is also the Last time that we will have ONLY SISTERS on the First day of School!
I don't know whether the tear will fall from well . . .
I enjoyed taking this photo revealing the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL.

Here is what is weird about it though:
It is the Last Year to have the three at the Highest level
A Senior
An Eighth grader
A Sixth grader
And the Last First day as a Single

Firsts AND Lasts

Seven Months Away

Wow it is so hard to believe that we are only seven months away from a grand day. SEVEN.
The time is flying by so quickly. She radiates with Joy. He smiles grandly. Life is on the precept of CHANGE. Their first and lasts of many moments are taking place for them and will continue over the course of the next few months. I just pray that every takes a deep breath and enjoys all of them for it is full of excitement of the unknown. It is also a moment to never rush and push the Master, however a moment to give it ALL over to the King and Bathe everything in the BENDED KNEES of a servitude Heart FOCUS on the KINGDOM DIVIDENDS. Request and await the answers sought for what is BEST for the future that will very soon be the PRESENT.

Jeremiah 33:3