Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Love for a Child

1998 - In Georgia I heard two cliche statements that I didn't understand in My young life.   But I remember hearing them in the September Emergency Family trip.  A woman piped up to give her two cents with these two quick statements.

"A Daughter is a Daughter All her life,
  A Sons a Son, 'til he finds a Wife." ~ Unknown

"When Children are little they step on your feet,
 When they are Grown they step on Your heart." - Unknown

However, I have figured them out, since that September.   They are so sad.  Reflecting it came to realization that  these two cliche statements don't have to be "reality" for some.  Why?  Because God is God and He is in Ultimate control.   Everyone wants to be LOVED and to LOVE OTHERS!  

Are we human? Yes.  In the flesh and Filled with sin.   I have been Learning incredible lessons to apply.   TIME IS SHORT!   Technically but a midst.  "You have made my days a mere hand breadth; the span of years is as nothing before you.  Everyone is but a breath, even those who seem secure." Psalm 39:5

Whether we are a son or a daughter we can choose to be HIS all the time.  Therefore, we can also choose to be a respectful child ALL our days.  It's a choice.  When we marry then we are two who become one flesh but still A CHILD to Honor and Respect our Parents.  Children, are a gift from God. The wonderful I AM.  And we are to be ones who Bless our earthly parents who we do see and therefore, Honor our Heavenly Father, whom we temporarily do not see.   So with the second quote, I know my feet probably stepped on Mommys' feet frequently, and sometimes others feet also.   Now that I am grown I know that I have often accidentally stepped upon another persons heart.  I have so many times have had to apologize.  I've grown to realize through time "IT'S NOT ABOUT ME!"  Therefore, it is very import for me to remember Keys.  Words that are; "Please."  "Thank You." "Excuse Me."  "I'm Sorry."  "Will you Forgive Me."  "I was Wrong."  "I LOVE YOU!"   Well I have lived a good life.  No a Great Life especially since March 18, 1984 when I accepted Jesus Christ into my life, and My heart.  Then I gave it over to him in the water of Baptism - immersion.  I know that He is teaching me to not step on another persons heart.  He has called me to be FOCUSED ON HIM.  FOCUSED TO PLEASE HIM.  FOCUSED TO SERVE HIM by being a Servant to others.  Washing their feet.

Well there are still times I need to remember to use all of those key words frequently!  Also to step aside and be the one to make the first move and follow the Lord's leading to be His Daughter ALL MY LIFE and to work on "mending others' Hearts to BLOOM in FULL BLOOM to leave an everlasting fragrant.  

 To BE  an ENCOURAGER no matter how others TREAT ME! BE A SERVANT!  And Let others KNOW I LOVE THEM, for TIME IS SHORT!

 "When children are little they step on Your feet,
                                       When they are Grown they Lift up an other's  HEART!"  ~ 'Ana-Lou'