Saturday, December 10, 2011

Birthday wishes

"But the LORD said to Samuel, 'Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The LORD does not look at the things human beings look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the HEART!" I Samuel 16:7

The amazing walk of one of our Princesses is so precious! I look at her and her smile warms a room. She has always had a knack for memorization and a love for puzzles. But her heart is huge. Every day not matter what she always gives warm fuzzies by earnestly seeking a genuine love to hear about the families day. Every meal we sit together, and after we serve out and after our prayer time, she smiles and ALWAYS asks, "So, how was your day _____?" while she sits and LISTENS intently. If by chance we let down our proverbial "hair" she tries to move on and make a smooth and positive transition.

She has beautiful curly hair that everyone always asks, "Is that naturally curly?" And not until last year did she begin to appreciate it. I believe when the commercials came out with Troy Polamalu and individuals shared their like of her brown curly locks which to them they admired, we enjoyed the moment since we hadn't seen them yet, then we all had our laughs when we did.

Her laugh . . . is contagious! Her joy is fun! Her heart is amazing! I always try to make each Princess know that they are my LOVE! MY FAVORITE DAUGHTER (and we put in our special family insert phrase that we ALL HEAR and LOVE to KNOW in our HOME) and it makes them realize that They are LOVED DEARLY because they are UNIQUE and they ARE A MASTERPIECE!

So Here is to sweet Sweet PRINCESS - Happy HAPPY BIRTHDAY to YOU!!! YOU WERE RIGHT ON TIME! On your first Christmas Day, when you were only days old; Nana & Papa LOVED ON YOU with such tender grandmotherly and grandpa Love and Care! Your Sisters and Brazilian Sister were overjoyed at the gift of your life as well! Daddy and I couldn't have been more excited for you. For when we found out you were a part of our LIFE, I SCREAMED with such excitement that the nurse and doctor inquired, "Oh . . . Is this your first child?" To which I replied, "No, this baby is our third!" and they smiled then both said, "We don't think we have ever seen some one THAT EXCITED for their third baby! CONGRATULATIONS!!!" To which I sang and cried all the way home, so excited to share the News with your daddy (we didn't have a cell phone back then) ;0) since I was going in for another "possibility" only to discover the reason it was taking place was because we were going to be seeing your wonderful face due on our TENTH YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!

Here you are ~ Wonderful and so caring. Never change Princess -NEVER, and keep remembering to "SHINE FOR JESUS!!"

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