Tuesday, December 13, 2011


The soil to those who are Khmer is called home. For those who step into their shoes . . . life usually is NEVER the same. From expecting up to the "potential" of 150 children, receiving a phone call at the FREEDOM SALON that we needed to come soon because the children were waiting. We stepped into about 350 possibly 400 children who filled the alley leading to the RAPHA HOUSE KIDS CLUB location. WOW!!! Amazing. We now sponsor _._. in Brown top.

As it was time to get the day started, David one of the Social Workers, and "T", gave the word and IMMEDIATELY all - YES ALL THE CHILDREN - listened and got into lines. I was so amazed at their attention and Obedience that I tried to get a picture off as they were forming their lines. However, by the time I did they were already beginning their day in full order!
When we were all dismissed I was humbled to get to talk with one of many but a very SPECIAL woman named "_". This is their home property where her husband, she and her children make a significant difference in their Islamic saturated area to share the LOVE of Jesus Christ! I was imploring and inquiring her to find out of the precious girl on my right side's name. She melted my heart. From the moment she came over to me when we first arrived until we left late that night. I knew that the Lord, through the Holy Spirit was prompting to take a huge step of faith to sponsor and older child.
Not until later and having someone (the girl in the white) go and find her and bring her back so that we could take pictures together. I found out that she was NOT sponsored. She Was the First one I knew and I prayed for the Lord to lead to just one more to sponsor and it was the girl from with in my random pictures that is pictured in first photo. This sponsor ship means, meals, a uniform to go to school, and the ability to come to Kids Club and not be at a very huge risk to be trafficked and exploited! The smile of the girl when she realized the reason for "finding" her was to let her know that she was now a sponsored child. Her literal sister happened to be the one who went to find her and bring her back. They both hung around calling me "Mum" and telling me I LOVE YOU - repeatedly holding my arms, hands, and hugging me until we literally left that night!

Now here is my Challenge to YOU . . .
On the left side of the Picture, which Randy Wheeler took the week before we arrived, are
the children who are NOT SPONSORED. They received something to show that they to
are valued, while the ones with the back packs are the ones who are already sponsored.

Amazingly since our return in Late October they went from having around 140 sponsorships to have right now today 297 sponsored children.
So they are thrilled to say the desire is to "find" just three more to have 300 BEFORE Christmas.

Can we together sponsor 53 children and exceed 300?

Can we think "OUT OF THE BOX" and
Ephesians 3:20 - Well What do WE THINK?
Are WE up to the CHALLENGE?
Here is the quote from the Wheelers - the RAPHA HOUSE KIDS CLUB
The haves - and the have nots. The kids on the right are a small portion of the "sponsored" kids with their nice backpacks filled with school supplies and uniforms. The kids on the left are the kids not yet sponsored and their bags with a few pencils and comic books. My heart breaks for them. They were happy to get their goodies but I could see some of them looking longingly at the other kids and wishing they could go to school as well. In a little over a year we've managed to find sponsors for 148 children. There were twice that many today who are waiting. Please pray that they'll all be sponsored soon.

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