Monday, April 15, 2013

More than a LIGHT SWITCH!

I had a great eye awaking yesterday!  You are PERFECT for "Him!"  OTOM

One Team One Mission:

Steps to Success:

Keep Is Simple Superstar!  (YOU ARE ONE! - BELIEVE IT!)

So many times so many individuals want to get it easy, Simple, quick!  But everything is more than a "Light switch" moment.   Let me say that again.  As the human culture there are so many who desire so many things. Yet the most important "things" and "people" in our lives that are EXCELLENT and worthy.  It takes work, time, effort, 'skinning our knees' and getting back up.  Any athlete knows that.  Any Musician knows that.  Any Genius understand that.  Any parent knows that.  All humanity truly knows that.  All LIFE has purpose.  Work grants joy.  Even the sluggard finds no rest and knows that.

Let me share with you.  Over the last few years and getting "older" i am realizing there is so much more to LIFE then what "others think".   It's about having a right life!

See everyone,  YES EVERYONE, desires to be LOVED!  Truly Loved.   Here, let me share.   No one wants to be 'hurt' by others.  Or hurt someone else, at least not from the start.   See i remember hearing when I was very young.  "Treat OTHERS as you want to be TREATED!"   I used to see view that articulated throughout the perimeter of a building; growing in academics.  Basics that helped excel an individual.   Morals, Ethics, Character.   That which instilled Values to the premise of our LIFE.

Where did things change?  When man kind decided to become Lazy yet want 'more'.   That is not a new philosophy by any stretch of the vernacular.  My precious time on this wonderful created globe makes me realize that YOU my friend, and myself are a Wonderful Work of a MASTERPIECE.  Not something that just 'happened' by chance.   The touch on the skin sends crazy electrodes all through the system that causes a reaction.  Why because we are human beings that are 'aware'.   For some it is a very positive reaction, while for others it is dauntingly haunting; negative.  Why?  It didn't just happen in the 'flip of a switch' - on/off quickly.  It took time.  response that created reaction.

No One Controls our destiny.
No one.  However,   our experiences are created over the coarse of  T - I - M - E!
Good Intentions.
Forgotten - lapses
However, there IS a Creator.  He is the Great I AM.   And since the beginning of time - HE WAS.  HE IS.  HE will FOREVER BE!  NO LIGHT SWITCH about that.  

Life is to short.   I LOVE many.   I have made wonderful memories with most and maybe a few bumps occasionally.  HOWEVER, I realized yesterday.  NO MORE EXCUSES!  It is time to make amends through the Love of Jesus Christ LIVING IN and THROUGH ME.   He called me back "On Teller Street".  I remember IT VIVIDLY!   I now am so thrilled because even though life is not a 'light switch' moment it is a Journey of Living for all Eternity.  Realization that Everything does matter.  TO HIM!  Only HIM!  It comes in making every effort to expand the horizons.  LOVE is not a light switch.  It is work and service with the deepest and richest rewards~!

That kind of LOVE seems impossible to our finite minds.  However, through GOD, who spoke creation into existence, Gave and Sent his ONE and ONLY SON; John3:16 & 17, to this earth because of Satan's fall.  So that that kind of LOVE can be LIVED OUT!  Matthew 20:28.  Love.  It is Searched for, yet only truly discovered to a rendering, out of our choice to follow Him; John 8:12, with a yielded heart.  T - I - M - E.  Excellence in the perfect way.  

Live you LIFE with Eager Expectation!  Is it worth it?   Yes.   Is it easy?  No.   Can everyone come? Yes.   Will everyone choose to follow?  No.    Does it cost anything?  Yes.  Is it Free?  Yes.  Will in make sense? No, not to the world.     Is it Freeing?  Yes.   Does it really Matter?  Yes.   Will it hurt? More than likely.  

It is the craziest thing I've ever done.  Ever will do.  But I have no regrets in that decision.   March 18 was the most remarkable finalizing first step I ever took.   Since that step
It has been a very rugged terrain but well worth the realization that LIFE IS WORTH ALL ETERNITY and YOU and me matter!  

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