Friday, May 13, 2011

Where does one turn?

So many times I came to realize that life is really very short. So, Why do we let things bother us to the point that it is a "pet peeve" that annoys to the extreme that pushes us right over the edge of frustration?

Or why is it that people can be so "PEOPLE MEAN?" You know, talk bad about someone then want to be liked by others. Doesn't everyone WANT TO BE LOVED? REALLY!!! You know what is hardest for me? To live a life of "UNconditional?"- by Brian Zahnd The more I try the more it is revealed to me how much more it is necessary to bend. To even attempt to overcome my very core of selfishness, it is enlightened to me there is still yet a long road to tread. One day, just one, I would like to have a full day; (from the moment my eyes open to the moment they close to rest my head) without one negative thought and a heart filled with unconditional moments, and to speak positively the entire time. I know, I know I have a VERY long way to come and go to even "try" to get there but I am willing to strive towards that goal. Why? Because everyone has their druthers and or pet peeves, therefore, I must work on not "petting them."

Where does one turn? How about to my BESTEST FRIEND. You would really like my best friend. This friend is my one in a million friend. The funny thing that is amazing is that he is willing to meet you. I'd be glad to introduce you to him. I'll put on a cup of coffee, brew some tea, pour a glass of a cold drink for you to join us sometime. So come over - and My door will be open for the two of you to meet.

See Yesterday is now a part of my past that really was a 'present' to propel me to enjoy the yet to come moments that lead me closer to the end of my life. Kent took me away for the day to reflect on what has been our history together. One that has definitely left a huge impression on me in so many ways. There are things during this journey that definitely has been very difficult since the moment I had to choose what path I would walk for all of my life. "the one less traveled" in a strenuous, tedious labor that has left some bruises, cuts, scrapes and even some scars. However, it has brought me thru for the today. Most of the extraordinary events that have developed my character are those that left me with the question, "where does one turn?" and discover the very best friend I have had through my life. He (yes HE) has continually led me to experience many metamorphosis experiential transformations that have rendered me completely different for the remainder of my breaths to inhale and exhale.

So I ask You, "Where does one turn?" What are your roots; "Remember where you came from" for these are the moments that developed the who and why in me, YOU - all of us. NO ONE makes us choose the roads we choose, we do.