Friday, September 23, 2011

Baht Trailer - CIY Move

Oh my gooooodness, omgoodness

Have you ever a met a group of people and began to well up? Have you ever "knew" they were so as you thought they may be? Well Have Ya?

I am so excited. Why? Because in Late June 2008 I was carrying a precious little life in my womb and being convicted at the same time from a video I watched called BAHT at a CIY Youth event in Holland MI! My mind went into overdrive. My heart began to feel heavy and then tears slowly left a small trail down my check. Victims. Children. Girls from 4-27 years of age. Human & Sex Traffic victims. These ages covered all the ages of my children - ALL OF THEM! And to know that I was carrying another child at that time Crushed me!

I tell you all this because I began praying. Praying, PRAYING. Investigating. Researching. RAPHA HOUSE. I found a sponsored trip. My oldest child and I both ended up applying.
One thing led to another. One trip, two trips passed by however another was available. Left in the Lords Hands. We received the acceptance letter. Mya was placed on an October team 2010 just shy and under a year later because of timing of school. Finalization made. Acceptances cleared. We discovered we BOTH were accepted. Change of plans. Mya to DR. and myself to destination of origin. Pray, letters, Prayer, wait. W - A - I - T. decisions to post pone further- a decision well made; Grace extended. W - A - I - T ~ GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME, all seems positive! Hardship, sorrow, PRAYERS, "why's?" (like a child's question) - grief. Sorrow and Service to remember. W - A - I - T. Prayers, Prayers, PRAYERS. Many seasons of change. Placement made. OCTOBER 2011! It's here.

Skype - WE meet! We discuss! We introduce! They touched my heart more than they will know for all that has gone on during this journey. For Abba, Father, God knew "now is the time! NOW!!!" This will be part of your new family that you will be working along side for things you do not know. NOW!!!! WE smiled, we laughed. JOY to be encouraged by the timing of a PRAYER ANSWERED just shy of three and a half years. Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness! IT IS HERE in 17 very short days!!!!!

Jeremiah 33:3 has been discovered to touch my heart this past year. A time to think of many things and while it has brought me through a great deal over this coarse of the past year, it has also allowed a learning for great things through Jesus Christ. A time to be a servant. He knew it was necessary for me to learn a lot.