Saturday, October 1, 2011

When the Lord

When the Lord leads, and we listen there are wonderful dividends filled with adventure. Even when we are shaking our heads because "we are not in control" of the situation.

soon to be wed
Jordan and Mya in worship together with Tennessee Musicians;
John Martin Keith and Sacred June
Other four Princesses
Where I have been praying about since June 2008 with conviction
and Below are some of the TEAM I will be with in nine short soon days!

The Lord is AWESOME and WONDERFUL even in the most of true Joy. Because it is not surrounded by the circumstance of "happenstance" about us but a lifestyle engraved in the palm of the Lord our SAVIOR!

So here is just a few snap shots of my life to make me smile!

A daddy with three of his Princesses!

See Ya!

I Samuel 15:22-23
Remember, "When the Lord . . . leads where will you follow?"