Saturday, March 31, 2012

Last Day of March

It may be the Last day of the month however, so much has taken place. Birthday's, Wedding bliss, Restorations, Babies born, surprise date celebratory twenty five years! My heart is over whelmed with the sheer jubilation beyond any pen to articulate what the emotions seem like a TYPHOON.

PRICELESS! Speechless. It is all priceless Who ever thought that that wonderful March 18 back in the eighties would ever have brought a monstrosity of immense Blessings beyond measure?

Abba, Father, My God and Savior - THANK YOU for what March brings to my history through the whisper vapor called my life.

I come back to write you and try to utter the bowels of my gratitude and words simply can not clearly express my over whelming appreciations. So I bow and sit speechlessly grateful!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Love of .. . . twenty five

What an amazing time we had! I can not even tell you everything without have the corniest cheek grin upon my face and know that it was AMAZING!

Early in the AM get a text from the New MRS.!!!

She arrives!


She calls and squeals with excitement. I hope she calls later that night when they discover their "pounding" and "Shelving" . . . .
SURPRISE number two!

Oh but then the SURPRISE IS ON ME! =)
"Then it's a date!"

Arrive home. Change clothes. Out the door.

WE pull in to grab a bite. I giggle loudly, and he says as We walk in and he tells me I can order whatever I'd like from the menu. The doors opens and there is the most precious little gal named "Nora" who tells me, "Welcome to Wendy's! Won't you follow me, I have a table this way." with the most beautiful smile on her face and other patrons' watching and smiling all around us. She takes us to a table, decorated with Flower arrangement, Glasses, Sparkling Bubbly, and Chocolates. Happy 25th Anniversary! Yep . . . Then he smiles, she says, "Make yourself comfortable and Congratulations on your 25 Years!" He again grabs my hands with the most beautiful smile and the same sparkling Blue Eyes and replies, "Do you remember, what today is?" I giggle and answer "YES! You proposed to me twenty five years ago when we were in College in NE!" Then we were both AMAZED and what took place next. The Shift Manager appears and takes our order and says, "On behalf of your story, I'll be taking your order so that you don't have to get up this evening and we are Taking Care of the Bill tonight!" She smiles, takes our orders, then asks, "wouldn't you care for a Wendy's Frosty for your dessert?" We are both speechless! I giggle, He Smiles and she serves us. They bring out our order then informs us that her DM from KC is coming in to take our picture and talk with us, please take our time. SURPRISED AGAIN!!!

We giggle, relive our college proposal, the time line, the events of his asking my daddy for my hand, his setting it up at our "Wendy's", the servers, the order, the entire evening: RELIVED with smiles across our faces. Then a gentlemen comes over and says, "Did you have your rehearsal dinner here? Because when I worked here eighteen years ago there was a couple who did and I was wondering if it was you." "No, we didn't. The proposal was in another state Thank You." He was smiling as he walked away and we 'were back in college' for a moment. She did bring our meal over. Then she brought our Dessert over. Then the DM arrived, shook our hand, took a picture and asked to hear our story. To which she mentioned that she was submitting to Corporate offices. Said Thank You and left others smiling all around us.

Wow! The menu has changed, The staff excitement a bit more elaborate but still brought the crew to participate, the weather was definitely different (No Rain or Snow this time), and our eldest Princess was arriving "home" from her honeymoon twenty five years later to the date! Our third Princess was watching Princess five - Aw Joy. Pure JOY!

He SURPRISED me one more time! We went to the Movies. "The Vow!"
I also "VOW" my life to our commitment; now just like I did all those years ago to Love Him, stand by him, take care of him, until my very last breath. His prayer over us at "Wendy's" was just as special as the first time. Maybe just maybe a little bit more meaningful because now there is a History connection that bonds us as LIFE MATES to THE END!

Mark 10:7-9

New International Version (NIV)

7 ‘For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife,[a] 8 and the two will become one flesh.’[b] So they are no longer two, but one flesh. 9 Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.”

My precious Abba, Father, God! I vow once again before you to keep my marriage commitment because you WALK in us and through us! Amen and Amen!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mrs. H is HOME!

Oh my goodness, Oh my goodness, She is home! I received a text from her this early morning and "I FORGOT MY CELL AT HOME!" of all days!!! I didn't expect her home for two more days! Well . . . . I am so glad I was WRONG on the time line this time!
I can hardly wait to catch up when she is "officially" off her honeymoon "trip"! Although we all know that she has the "honeymoon year" to enjoy.

Well the Prince has brought the Princess home! And I know he will take care of her (just like I whispered a little secret in his ear just for him) when I kissed him on the cheek after walking me down the aisle. The same aisle he was soon to receive her on in only just precious minutes later!


Saturday, March 24, 2012

One Week - In His Glory

I am absolutely in AWE of what a difference has taken place in one week.

Yes a week ago today, Our Princess was getting ready for her pictures at this time and then it was on the most memorable FIRST Wedding for our Family. My heart is so FULL! Joy overflows from my cup.

The K Clan came and that absolutely burst my heart open with overwhelming Love, Joy, sprouting from the root of forgiveness. Why? Because it was The Wedding Joy of Love poured over to and through them! I can not fully express in written form the pondering of my heart.

The T Clan full of color brought laughter and Love into my heart also! Why? Because My family is the "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" in Latin style and I do appreciate my roots, bloodline, FAMILIA! Yes they are everything that "Toula" explains in that movie and I smile just like she does. Her character is so much like me. T and I just laughed last night about it- reminiscing after our celebration Wedding last Saturday! Yep, Loud, noise, BIG CURLY HAIR, Love, Kissing and "OPAHHHH" is my life also.

Then there is the NEW H Clan! =) That makes me really bubble over because we fell in Love with them when we met them for the first time last fall at OCC Tuesday Tour!~ Yep the Prayer Answered "Match Made" from Heaven. Then working along side of them, Spending a Girl day with P and then . . . well they made the Sanctuary look like the Celestial dreamy land I love from J.R.Tolkin movies "The Lord of the Rings!" Making it all arrayed in vintage; and the lanterns, the music, the sweetness of viewing three Men of God giving the charge while the Fourth was marrying our Princess! Aw www struck was I when I saw all those wonderful Loved ones there! I couldn't breathe, JUST SMILE WITH an IMMENSE Overwhelming JOY!

To watch his Daddy, Watch her Daddy and experience FAMILY through Blood, marriage and JESUS CHRIST - Thank You Abba, Father, God!!!! My heart feels like a rushing flooding river down the Rockies and the Waterfall is Your Love upon everyone who shared that day with us!
My desire was and has always been for this day to be HER DAY! For HIS DAY!
Jeremiah 33:3 and Ephesians 3:20 YES he did show me my imagination beyond my imagination!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mr. & Mrs 3-17

Words Can not express what My heart will remember until I pass on from this earth. So here is a picture instead!