Saturday, March 31, 2012

Last Day of March

It may be the Last day of the month however, so much has taken place. Birthday's, Wedding bliss, Restorations, Babies born, surprise date celebratory twenty five years! My heart is over whelmed with the sheer jubilation beyond any pen to articulate what the emotions seem like a TYPHOON.

PRICELESS! Speechless. It is all priceless Who ever thought that that wonderful March 18 back in the eighties would ever have brought a monstrosity of immense Blessings beyond measure?

Abba, Father, My God and Savior - THANK YOU for what March brings to my history through the whisper vapor called my life.

I come back to write you and try to utter the bowels of my gratitude and words simply can not clearly express my over whelming appreciations. So I bow and sit speechlessly grateful!

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