Tuesday, July 27, 2010


So much to express my gratitude. I am deep appreciative of my supportive family. Knowing that My heart is preparing to depart across the world literally. To be studying like a mad woman all weekend at a class, break for a beautiful wedding, then back to the grind to drive to Blue Spring and PASS my test after two grueling hours! Thrilled to death . . . I PASSED! I literally called out loudly, "I PASSED, I PASSED the Exam and am now licenced to help educate others beat the system!" ALL THANKS TO MY KING! ABBA, I PRAISE YOU AND EXTEND MY OVERWHELMING GRATITUDE TO YOU FOR THE INCREDIBLE ABILITIES CREATED IN THE MIND! YOU ARE HOLY, HOLY, HOLY - YOU ALONE ARE HOLY!!!!


Keely Brooke Keith said...

Congratulations, Ana!

To where are you traveling and what will you be teaching?

Ana-Lou said...

I am going to Cambodia, with a MISSION TEAM AWARENESS, for HUMAN TRAFFICING. It has been in my prayers since June 2008 when I went to Holland Michigan at a CIY conference and now the Lord Opened the doors. I am in the middle of raising support. ;-)

Keely Brooke Keith said...

That is wonderful! Our friends started Freedom's Promise, a non-profit that enables missions to Cambodia for that very cause. I have a link to their blog on my "blogs i like" page, if you're interested.