Friday, July 30, 2010

possibilities of team building

So much is rapidly passing through our lives in the homestead. The breeze is flying and so many embers of my heart are flaming with JOY through the Eminence of what has carried us to this point in my life.

Yesterday as I was assisting a wonderful group of saints to prepare for a trip of experiential team building next week, beginning tomorrow, my thought process thought of all the possibilities. It will include the waves of adventure, risk, ponder, meditate and so much more. Yes it is crazy. Yes there will be adventure. Like life for those who take the steps to trust and safely take risks of firsts. I long to be there again in a way of adventure. What lies ahead, it is as ethereal as blowing bubbles.
Faith is taking this adventure. Oh to be young again. May she enjoy this endeavor and come back transformed to not ever be the same. These possibilities have experiences of the unknown to last a life time. :-) All in the name of our Lord for the possibilities of team building.

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