Friday, June 29, 2012

Discovery? FOUND!

 Last week the day was a normal daily day and then . . . .    It all began to change with:  "Hello,  Is this Ms _ _ _?  My name is _ _ _ _  _ _ _  and I'm looking for my long lost 'BIG BROTHER'  _ _ _ _.   He was my Big Brother (Big Brother/Little Brother program) back in 198? in _ _ _ _ _ _ _, _ _.  Is this the correct person?"   is how I received a recent inquiry.  At first I thought about it and then I recalled the name of this person.   I was taken by surprise and MANY QUESTIONS began to form.

So I asked them.  All because My sweet husband was at a camp at FSCSC serving the same way he did back "in the day" where he met his Little Brother.    I kept asking many questions.   He shared things that gave a warmth to my heart and a smile to my face.    Soo while on my way to go visit my sweet Lover, I inquired more.  How?  When?  Where?  Who?  What? and a simple request of a family photo.   =)   All precious.  All answered.  It came to a quotiant that  =    PRICELESS!!!!

Upon meeting up with the Love of my life;  I told him,  "You're never going to believe what happened while you were gone!"  I preceeded to tell him.  Showed him pictures.  Then He smiled and said,  "You know I was just thinking about him a few weeks ago.  What are the odds?"   I showed him every correspondance we had with one another and the questions answered on both sides.  Again he smiled!   I smiled more because it took us back quite a few years.  

A few years that came to a significant Discovery I ask?  YES.  Why?   Simply because one man remembered someone who cared for him when he was younger.  One man who called him his Little Brother and he became his Big Brother.     I remember how They spent time together.  I remember the smiles on both their faces.  I sometimes would wonder back then,  "Will it really make a difference for them in the future?"   We moved out of state many years ago;   after finishing our education as a young married couple.  All of that to see the wonderful search that is the present that was given as a "present of joy".    A few years to the FUTURE ~ But to know that now that same  "Little Brother" has a beautiful family of his own.  =)   And He too,  as an adult,   has also moved to another state.

In a state of mind that left a deep joy;  one of the last things he mentioned that made quite an impression (before asking permission to write about our re aquaintence; and permission granted), (paraphrased since something happened before I put in "all" in writing.   He said, "I have never forgotten him or the two of you and I  have thought about him . . .."

What a Great SURPRISE.   What a warm greeting.  What a WONDERFUL DISCOVERY to see his family and to know he remembered enough to search us out and NEVER FORGET us to be able to say:  "DISCOVERY:  FOUND!!!!"

Here is to you Little Brother -  _ _ _ _  _ _ _ _ a dedication and a Thank You for searching diligently and your discovery of finding us!   Your family is Beautiful!

Sincerely, Your Big Brothers' Wife ~ with Love!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sing, sing, sing

Lately,  I have enjjoyed the voice and the vocabulary of Princess number five.  She makes us laugh.   A LOT!   I so desire to make the most of every opportunity before much more time flies.  She is so wonderful.  I am truly thankful for the princessess God has given us.  

Each of them are filled with the laughter, quiet, talk that warms my heart to simply sing, sing, sing.

Have a wonderful day. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Are you concerned to much about the risks of the unknown?  I know that at moments I sometimes give too much credence to what doesn't matter at all really.  What holds us as creative beings made in the image of a wonderful creator, back from taking RISKS?

The struggles I am facing seem to knock me down.  How do I respond?   How does it effect me?  Why is it that to motivate others encourages me yet when an inward evaluation comes the feet FREEZE?

I am not really sure.  What I am sure of is my hearts passion to follow Jesus Christ.  Now to stop concerning the steps given me in a comparison to anothers' journey.  Here I go.  Ready to climb!

RISKS . . .  What am I willing to move myself through?   I don't know but baby steps ~ no my new journey to "NOT FEARING THE UNKNOWN" ready or not . . . .here I come!

Thank You Hadassah for giving me a life lesson ~ AGAIN

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ahhh, sigh - I sit here

As I sit here I ponder so many things.   Like a silent guest in an audience - I await.    The joy yet stretching moments in life.   The simple and incomprehensible predicaments and blessings from choices made.   Rescue.   Quiet.  Noise.  The "why" of a child.  The smiles and kisses visioned from imagination of the angles while they sleep.  The difficulty of articulation when the heart and ear is not willing to hear.  "HOW TO."   The need to pursue growth thru pruning and accountability.  The  uncontrollable laughter that leaves the body aching beyond measure and the spasms that come some time after.   Slap Happy, belly roll laughter. The deep sigh of "a job well done."   The close friends of a life time.  Those that simply come to cross your path ever now and then yet it never seems time has passed by when the reconnection takes place.
Broad shoulders.  Weary body.  Strength and Peace from only HEAVEN.

ahhhh, sigh.  Jeremiah 33:3.  Ephesians 3:20.   Philippians 4:8 . . . .

The true joy of LOVE.  The daily living that leaves footprints forever upon your soul.  The seasons of change.  The sorrow of loss.  The empty but profound fullness through Jesus Christ.  WORSHIP!  Study.  PRAYER!!!   The unending growth spiritually.  Inconceivable but so visible waves of change that were not good, not better but for the BEST.   Forgiveness necessary.  Love unending.   Joy superseding.  Hope maintained.   The ability to DREAM and keep REACHING for the STARS.   Silent and sometimes make believe friends.   Aspirations met.  Aspirations yet to come.  Ideals hmmmm.  Reality reasoned.  Imagination frequently formed.   Listen.  Go!  Willing.  Frightened.  Anticipation.  Ecstatic jubilation!   GO!   Listen.  RESPONSE.  "I AM WILLING, SEND ME.  FOR YOUR SERVANT IS WILLING and LISTENING.  HEARING.  BEING STILL.  CALLING TO YOU.  EXPECTING with no trepidation but adrenaline and wonder.   WHERE?  WHEN?  I AM HERE!"

Only LOVE!  Only Jesus Christ!  Only one life.   Only one Holy Spirit! Only ONE SAVIOR!  Only ONE SALVATION!  ONLY ONE TRUE GOD!  Only ONE WAY - THE WAY!  Only one "I AM!"

. . . and Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."  John 14:5-7 

    Yes, as I sit here I ponder, wonder, and sit in anticipation of so many things.
                     Like a silent guest in an audience - I await with Joy!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Lead before the King

This week was another wonderful week.  Why?  We were worshipping the Master of ALL CREATION from Sunday June 3, 2012 thru Friday June 8, 2012.  This is take at MLCC for a dear friend; John Martin Keith and his family back home while he lead us in worship and this year brought a Friend.  Zeb!