Friday, June 29, 2012

Discovery? FOUND!

 Last week the day was a normal daily day and then . . . .    It all began to change with:  "Hello,  Is this Ms _ _ _?  My name is _ _ _ _  _ _ _  and I'm looking for my long lost 'BIG BROTHER'  _ _ _ _.   He was my Big Brother (Big Brother/Little Brother program) back in 198? in _ _ _ _ _ _ _, _ _.  Is this the correct person?"   is how I received a recent inquiry.  At first I thought about it and then I recalled the name of this person.   I was taken by surprise and MANY QUESTIONS began to form.

So I asked them.  All because My sweet husband was at a camp at FSCSC serving the same way he did back "in the day" where he met his Little Brother.    I kept asking many questions.   He shared things that gave a warmth to my heart and a smile to my face.    Soo while on my way to go visit my sweet Lover, I inquired more.  How?  When?  Where?  Who?  What? and a simple request of a family photo.   =)   All precious.  All answered.  It came to a quotiant that  =    PRICELESS!!!!

Upon meeting up with the Love of my life;  I told him,  "You're never going to believe what happened while you were gone!"  I preceeded to tell him.  Showed him pictures.  Then He smiled and said,  "You know I was just thinking about him a few weeks ago.  What are the odds?"   I showed him every correspondance we had with one another and the questions answered on both sides.  Again he smiled!   I smiled more because it took us back quite a few years.  

A few years that came to a significant Discovery I ask?  YES.  Why?   Simply because one man remembered someone who cared for him when he was younger.  One man who called him his Little Brother and he became his Big Brother.     I remember how They spent time together.  I remember the smiles on both their faces.  I sometimes would wonder back then,  "Will it really make a difference for them in the future?"   We moved out of state many years ago;   after finishing our education as a young married couple.  All of that to see the wonderful search that is the present that was given as a "present of joy".    A few years to the FUTURE ~ But to know that now that same  "Little Brother" has a beautiful family of his own.  =)   And He too,  as an adult,   has also moved to another state.

In a state of mind that left a deep joy;  one of the last things he mentioned that made quite an impression (before asking permission to write about our re aquaintence; and permission granted), (paraphrased since something happened before I put in "all" in writing.   He said, "I have never forgotten him or the two of you and I  have thought about him . . .."

What a Great SURPRISE.   What a warm greeting.  What a WONDERFUL DISCOVERY to see his family and to know he remembered enough to search us out and NEVER FORGET us to be able to say:  "DISCOVERY:  FOUND!!!!"

Here is to you Little Brother -  _ _ _ _  _ _ _ _ a dedication and a Thank You for searching diligently and your discovery of finding us!   Your family is Beautiful!

Sincerely, Your Big Brothers' Wife ~ with Love!

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