Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Canvas

Without question, I know that I Love the entire moments of ministry.   Today as I was working with the twins and my own precious HR.  I lost a few tears in the quiet moments.   I was thinking,  Where has the time flown by in, with, where, or to?   It is like a Narnia Canvas picture coming to life and 3 D.

See the Lover of my life is not feeling so good, the precious HR is re-stepping through things already accomplished and relapsing.  The Joy of her life is so quickly dissipating before my very eyes.   The other three princesses are quickly stepping through rapid transitions that will dramatically paint on another "NEW CANVAS" call our tapestry.

The newly weds will have already been married six weeks this weekend.  Teeg, is graduating and so eager to move it (I understand her desire but my mother heart aches for just a little more time).  Manaithy mainly cherish the moment to grow up a little faster and my emotional innards are moaning and screaming to take it just a little slower and Cherish the moments.  And . . .  Lemma well she too wants to just get to the next level.   NO!  How can that be?

Now, I really think I understand how my precious Pompi really cherished his five Princesses so deeply! "Kay se rah se rah"  "Will I be _ _ _ _ _ _? . . . .."    Oh the moments I make such huge "stroke" errors I just want to wash that color correctly.  I want to blend more of what I desire then I realize that is not what the King desires of me.   He just wants me to paint with the radiance of the colors he has so perfectly given me.  Interestingly enough all of the Princesses granted to our home look nothing like one another and yet they are created in the wonderful image of my Saviour. OUR SAVIOR!

Their strokes: all seven of them are wonderfully created with intent.  And the canvas?  IT Is my heart, my Life, my soul.  The gift given on the perfect frame of Jesus Christ!   The the wonderful Grace of God! The watchful guidance of the Holy Spirit!  I am breathless.  Speechless.

Thank you for the wonder of who they are and how they make the Picture absolutely wonderful, Abba, Father, God!  Today ready your word, thinking of one of Kent and my favorite movies and the sound track made me cherish the moment to know they are wonderful masterpieces your so pain stake inly have chosen for my LIFE CANVAS.

Genesis 1:27 So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.