Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Good Home Town Cookin'

Oh my goodness, "ummm, Ummmm, Good" isn't just a catchy phrased coined by Campbell's Soup and copy righted. It is what carries us back to a past history or others of us common folk, a memory that connects the pallet to the past.

From a very precious couple's home tonight. It is so sweet to sip on a cup of Joe and walk through the past on someone Else's adventure and find a warmth that begins to connect four individuals in a very real and sweet way.

Bill and Barb were that for us tonight. Oh how precious it is! Over the past few years this precious couple have touched our hearts in a very special way. We walked through the corridors of their past as if it all belonged to ourselves. But the savory meal made with Love were absolutely A MAZING to every taste bud! Little Grandma she did a fantastic job. It so made me want to reflect on my own past for a brief moment. So so sweet. I Loved that we could just talk and enjoy the time of the now. The grill fired up the sweet smells within, the fresh cut spinach salad from their garden and the light dressing and everything home made! Oh goodness it was succulent. However, the best part is the hearts that were open enough to real.
This couple has grown by leaps and bounds. Yet they were pillars even when we met them.

Their home felt very comfortable. The Good Home Town Cookin' had the same effect as "HOME" and the "Homes' " of many others that have been significant along our past twenty years plus in ministry. So for all that came to tonight - A Sincerely heart felt word seems so incapable to express our appreciation appropriately - THANK YOU!

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Jonathan said...

I ADORE times like what you just described! I love the love and fellowship that we can all share together!