Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The turn of a tide

So I am a plain and simpleton kind of a gal.

Although, I grew up a city girl, loved the Country girl heart yet enjoy the rush and thrill of adventure in the fast lane - You can't have your cake and eat it to. However, I loved the thought of a "cow girl" feel with my brown curly long locks blowin' in the breeze with the windows down or on a the back of a quarter horse at a full lope. Yes, I enjoy the wind in my face. Always have. Wheather in the city, on a country road, in a car, on a climb, horseback riding, running or just standing. I love the wind and it's breeze. I even enjoy the ocean and how things change.

The turn of a tide all came in today: M.I.T. ended with wonderful scripture prayed over all fourteen children and four sets of spouses to finalize the year; Teegie turned 17 - Yowsa!; A nice luncheon date, Then the surprise of making arrangements to be with family in Arizona! AMAZING, how suddenly a chain of events can change like the turn of a tide.

Family - so sweet but like everything else it can easily all turn then a change to the road and here we go.

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