Thursday, September 8, 2011

whenit rains it pours

Okay so this week has been just a bit unusual. But I like it!

I have the joy of remember three special individuals from TN on a daily basis now. Thanks for the Westinghouse nostalgia there is now always some free flowing air. I love it. But also some new tunes to reminisce about the sweet time together. I just LOVE IT!

Also I have been enjoy our Creator. I've been making an unusual appointment lately and well . . . it is really early (OR LATE) in the wee morning dusk hours. But it is so sweet. Our last encounter took place by a beautiful moonlit night outlooking the window. Okay so a few tears fell because it ended with humming my sweet princess to sleep while rocking her to the point that my appointment was very unexpected but deeply appreciated and very gratifying. My mind has been traveling at very rapid paces and boy is that AWE mazing because these little eyes are NOT naturally a NIGHT OWL. ;-)

A year ago today I was sitting with my family, processing many things. a year later . . . processing again. It hit me. people. creation. it's filled with awe. Like the soft rain pitter pattering. Or the Harsh wind that blows at volocity and feriousness . . .. So when it rains . . . our roof has been leaking at odd moments but that is not the pouring I am talking about. Have any of you ever wondered, why does it seem that "things" are just so temporal, and unnecessary? Like who defines the rules of what we "need"? Or how we live temporarily? Okay, so isn't it the need that is, 'it' - the jist of basic shelter, food and covering (clothing)? Why do we get so caught up in the frivolity of 'things' that really don't matter? Is this what Solomon was referring to? See spiritually it is so pretty AWE mazing. All the things have been taking place in my life over a years; give and take, time. A weird one is a book I have been returning to and reading just "disappeared" after I took it with me to read and laying it down. It just about drove me crazy looking for that crazy book. Then, I realize - them 'awe' moments - everything were reflected on and through & after re uniting with three special SAINTS from MIT! Can I say, that is when it was recognized, that it has been "pouring" for a bit in our home with EVERYTHING IMAGINEABLE! Everything. The old movie titled "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" with Clint Eastwood . . . I like that title; Yeah - EVERYTHING.

In all of "IT" God is So WONDERFUL in his disclosures of still loving at and in all circumstances and that has made the "everything" more shall we say, enjoyable as well as endurable and everything in between - it is "wonder"full and filled in every way.

So just remember Christ died for EVERYONE! And that he LOVES EVERYONE! Therefore, because He first Loved me, I am really working on loving. Most of the time it is a BLAST and the rest of the time it is a 'blast'. Love never gives out, never fails, well you get the picture. So the next time you hear, "When it rains, it pours." Look for the BLESSINGS in them; raining and pouring moments, because usually that phrase is in a negative connotation, so why not put it in terms of Discovering or RE-Discovering The Lord Jesus Christ and His Love.